Mango away Your SEO..

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Did I say Mango, sorry I meant Z..... nevermind

Anyhoo, I see a lot of budding IM's building their business and creating great sites that give away huge info in return for some cash via Adsense or affiliate programs.

Some of these sites are hitting PR5 and showing up for very demanding keywords.

Then.. the webmaster gets word that they can make extra money from a certain program that will not let visitors in without filling out a few survety or signing up for bla blah??

Guess what, All of your H1 H2 H3/ meta tags/ keywords/ content/ and links are completely HIDDEN from google and all they can see is an ad!

Week 1, your 400 unique visitors a day becomes 2!

Week 2, you're not showing up for your main keywords!

Week 3, Google see each one of your 300 indexed pages as the same and start De-indexing some.

Week 4, you're site is exactly the same but complete rubbish in search engines eyes.

Don't get me wrong, these applications pay out MILLIONS in commissions EVERY month.

It's just a question of selling your SEO-Soul for a few bucks?

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