What Does It Mean To Be Independent?

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Hi Warriors, big question, please take a second to read this...I am having trouble coming up with the right words.

I want to know your definition of what it means to be independent. In a sentence roughly 20 words. To give you an idea of where this is going, I have recently bought property (an incredible nine room home, in Colombia (South America) formerly owned by one of wealthiest tech entreprenuers in Colombia, who has now become a personal friend. I made this transaction about 7 months ago, and I have since created a retreat hotel using the property, sort of like a sanctuary for people to come and experience living outside of the states who might be working on a special life project "life design types" and essentially begin embracing a new way of living.

We embrace healthy eating, (no processed foods, nearly all locally grown produce) working in a creative, almost magical atmosphere, daily exercise (vigorous hiking and crossfit, and partying like rock stars several nights a week. In essence living in the moment and creating the life of your dreams.

I have experienced nearly instant success with this concept. We are the number one hotel on Trip Advisor, we have pages of rave testimonials from people from all over the world, and well, things are moving to another level.

I am creating a Mission board for the front of the house, which essentially explains the philosophy of life inside the hotel.

Among the Mission and Vision I have for the place, there are some additional sections on the board that explain a way of living. One of which is literally entitled "Be Independent" which was originally entitled "Be Self Sufficient" but my girlfriend liked "Be Independent" what's worse is she wrote her description in Spanish which Google sucks at transcribing.

So I am starting fresh with this idea, but going straight to the source of probably the largest community in the world of Independent thinkers. (real Warriors on the forum) I want to know in your wisest words what this really means to you. I am looking for the most bad ass description from the Warrior community. Thanks guys, love you all

Nate Bunger

Can see my hotel at Best Hostal Cali Colombia
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    Have you considered asking your actual customers who stay at this place?
    (I am sure you have, but I just have to ask, lol)

    The reason I ask is because they are the ones who are actually experiencing the type of "independence" that I think you are looking for.

    I mean if you think about it they are the ones who are traveling to a different country and starting that new life or working in a different country other than their own.

    The reason I mention this is because I spent the last hour while having lunch thinking about what is "be independant" for me. I even looked at the pictures you have and tried to imagine the atmosphere and I am not sure if my experience of "be independant" would fit.

    I don't know maybe I am wrong.

    Anyway what I thought was something along the lines of "Work hard to create the means that will give you the freedom and choice to enjoy life in the way you want."

    Or just "Create the means that will give you the freedom and choice to enjoy life in the way you want."
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      I really appreciate the response, I was actually surprised that there wasn't more considering this is the reason most people on here are working. It's probably a question most newbies should really sit down to consider, and might even be a big roadblock to their success.

      I like the description...What was it about the pictures that didn't seem independent? I guess for me they reflect a lifestyle I have created for myself here, I feel very independent and like I am living my dream. ANyhow, I appreciat the feedback, all the best

      Cheers from paradise,


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