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I'm trying to increase the signups on our affiliate program and for this I need to do some major changes on the signup page. Because of the forum rules I can't post a link to the page, but you can still help me a lot with a few advices.

The product we have is a nutritional supplement and our current signup page has this:

- big autoplay video of the chairman talking about the opportunity (top)
- 4 graphics making a summary of the program: the opportunity, the commissions, the product, the marketing tools (under the video)
- some paragraphs of text and bullets mentioning all the benefits the affiliate has (on the right)
- signup form (on the left)

What do you think about the things mentioned above from our signup page?

Saying you are looking for an affiliate program to join.. What are the things you would like to see on the signup page and what are the things that would make you leave the page?

What's the "critical" information that you want to find out before joining an affiliate program?

What convinced you to join the affiliate program(s) you are in right now?

Thanks a lot guys for your help!
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    If I am going to join your affiliate program then I want to see cold hard stats and plenty of them. I want to see real examples of the stats other affiliates have been able to achieve. What has their EPC been? What is the average income of your best affiliate?

    All of the rest means nothing to me if the product doesn't sell well. As an affiliate we want products that are good but they also must be proven sellers.
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      Thank you WillR! You have some good points there.

      Any other thoughts anyone?
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    I know that providing a link to the signup page of the affiliate program is prohibited, but is it allowed to mention at least the name of the affiliate program? It's hard to get any feedback without people actually seeing the page..
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    Personally, I am interested in things like commission percentage, cookie life, and refund rate...
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    You should not try very hard to convince affiliates to join. After all you offer them an opportunity, a chance. Show them it's a good opportunity and that they might have a chance to be accepted inside the program. Give them some information, make them curious to sign-up and find out the rest (if they qualify).
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