KINDLE: Doing Effective Keyword Research On Amazon To Find Kindle Titles People Are Searching For

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Howdy Warriors...

For those of you that publish on Kindle (or who are trying to publish on Kindle), you know firsthand how difficult it can be to find topics to write about that will get purchased by readers. Amazon doesn't provide a keyword tool, and putting in the time and effort to create and publish a title for Kindle that DOESN'T sell can be incredibly frustrating.

At first, I mistakenly thought that I could simply use Google's External Keyword Tool (or some similar tool) to find out what people are searching for, and then hope that it would give me a good idea of what people want.

However, I have found through experience that searchers on Google are very much different than searchers on Amazon. Search engine searches tend to be looking for free information. People that are on Amazon tend to be looking for something to buy.

So if someone was interested in buying a book about basketweaving, they are likely to head to Amazon rather than Google (please note that I said if they are looking for a "book" and not simply "information). If they wanted free info, then obviously they would head to Google or Bing first.

So I thought I was totally out of luck in finding what to write about.

But then someone share a tip with me, and I am sharing with the Warrior Forum. I want to make sure that my process is correct (especially since I just told a buyer of mine this exact process).

My Way Of Finding Kindle Book Topics To Write About That Are Actually Being Searched For:

1. Go to

2. To the left of the search box, there is an unnamed field that defaults to "All". This is a way to pick specific categories to do your searching in. Click on the down arrow button, and set the category to "Kindle Store."

3. Now in the search box, type in a root word. A "root word" would be the general area of what you want to write about.

So let's say that you wanted to write a book in the niche of "Diets." That's a HUGE niche with lots of competition. But what kinds of diet books are people actively searching for on Amazon?

4. As you type in the root word, Amazon will automatically give you possible keyword phrases that people are searching for. And these keyword words are the TOP SEARCHED keyword phrases for the root word you entered.

So when you type in the word "diet", the following keyword phrases automatically pop up:

- diet
- diet books
- paleo diet
- diet books on Kindle
- dash diet

And so on. You get the idea.

So instead of having to go at it blind, you now have some useful information to help you determine what topic specifically to write about. You don't get any exact numbers to compare, but at least you can get a feel for what people are searching for.

Hope this helps someone trying to get into Kindle publishing, or those trying to get better results.

Best wishes,

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