What have been your most beneficial IM habits?

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Adding some and changing a few of my daily habits is how I managed to lose 70-80 pounds, yet I somehow never made the connection to do the same for my business. Knowing the sort of power habits can have, I'm interested in what kind of habits have benefited your business the most?

Sorry if I seem to only be asking questions, I thought I'd try to add value by thinking of valid problems/questions and motivating people with the relevant knowledge to answer them.
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    1) Never compromise

    2) Set high goals but focus on one at a time

    3) Give it all you've got

    This is how I lost 50 pounds and how I boosted my email list recruitment. Stuff you learn losing weight can be applied to IM.
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      Originally Posted by writeaway View Post

      1) Never compromise
      Compromise as in increasing the price/lowering the quality of a promised product because it is more time consuming than you thought? Or as in never give up your own vision/goal for what's popular even if it's not working for you?

      Nice to know it can be applied to other areas, I'm starting to think the keys to success in anything are very similar.


      Quality over quantity. Hire me to write highly shareable, user focused blog posts or articles.

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    Be strong as F@ck mindset wise.

    Build a list

    Be realistic but aim high

    Build a list

    Learn as much as you can as often as you can. Even crappy products have SOMETHING to provide.

    Did I mention building a list?

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    Oh yeah, and provide as much free QUALITY value as you can to others. Make the wb a bettet place
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    Turn the laptop off and brainstorm with pen and paper - helps to cut planning time in half, as Facebook, etc. is not there to distract me!

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    create PPC Ads
    create Banner Ads
    split test ads
    split test headlines on squeeze page
    split test my freebie offer
    send out emails to my list (content and promotion)
    contact potential JV partners to either promote their product or they promote mine either through solo ads, guest posting, ads on one another's sites, a banner ad on the person's download page, or my product as an upsell, etc.
    interact with my customers on my blog
    talk to my outsourcers and see how their work is going

    Those are some of the actions I take over and over again
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      Big white board in my home office for creating mind maps. It increases my productivity like crazy.

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    Choose 2 strategies and master them. Then master 2 more. I chased shiny objects for 4 years. I still find myself slipping back into that "lack of focus" mindset during the day. Consistent action on something, anything, is better that chasing strategies and fads.
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      I made a list of things to do daily on a white board and it has helped me be productive.
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    What I found motivating that will push me toward IM success is followed by this saying.
    "Tomorrow is today" I'm not sure where I've read this. However, I find it really useful to get stuff done & beat procrastination.
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    Interesting how some involve getting away from the computer and just think, might seem counter intuitive to some people... will definitely try it out!


    Quality over quantity. Hire me to write highly shareable, user focused blog posts or articles.

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  • A few habits I've learned...
    Set goals. Write them down.
    Celebrate small successes (and big ones of course).
    Analyze failures to learn from them, but then put them behind you.
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    Have a fixed routine and schedule. For example, unless you are dealing with a high traffic website, don't spend hours obsessing over your traffic stats.
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    Checking my mail to every bi-hour.

    These way i win almost the clients
    that make inquiry.

    And secondly, having an unforgetful mind.
    I always start and finish all i planned without omitting
    or forgetting anything..
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    I think staying motivated and breaking down projects into tasks so that I can focus on a particular task at a time is what has helped me. I've also found that not taking on too much freelance work provides more time to focus on my IM goals.
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    Responding to emails as soon as you get them.
    Making to-do lists for the day (keeps me focused)
    Do at the very least 1 thing a day to progress your project/business/goal

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    i think FOCUS will do a great help ! Outsource your non competent skills to others so that you can do it at SPEED !
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    The most important skill to have when building an online business is focus and persistence. You have to drill down and focus only on the most important money making activities in your business. Clarify them, and create sustained focus on working on those parts of your business.

    It's so easy to get distracted with this and that, increase your conversions by 400% by changing the color of a button. Ya that's exciting but truthfully learning isn't a money making activity directly. Although you should spend an amount of time each day devoted to self-improvement. The owner of Mindvalley has everyone at the company work on self-improvement for 1 hour each day. Mandatory. But ya, the rest is devoted to the money making activities.

    So drill down and focus on exactly what is going to build your business directly in the shortest time possible.
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    do something everyday to get me closer to my goals. whether it is to write up a new post on my blog, editing how my website looks, or even just reading on WF. as long as i am in contact with what i am doing. the biggest key is to not procrastinate. alot of people like to take it easy when they can and have leisure time. But you know what they say, work hard now, play later. successful people do what they need to do, when they need to do it, whether they like it or not. that has helped me to keep trucking along and i'm making steady progress.
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