Have You Been 'Trained' Yet?

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I was reading another thread about upsells, downsells, behind the scenes sells, and it occurred to me that I now have something in common with Pavlov's dog.

When I see an offer page, I click away to see if there's a better deal available.

How many "Wait - what if I gave you 50% off?" popups do we have to see to consider ourselves thoroughly trained?

Beyond that, the thought that sticks with me long after I leave the sales page is, "why didn't you just try to sell it to me at the 1/2 off price in the first place?"
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    Yes I have been trained. I am married after all.
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      Originally Posted by Thomas Belknap View Post

      Yes I have been trained. I am married after all.
      Damn - I wonder if that's where it's coming from. I am too, 28 years now.

      The 2nd Amendment, 1789 - The Original Homeland Security.

      Gun control means never having to say, "I missed you."

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    Dont be upset with the people. The reason why this is done is cause the market is huge out there and 9 out 10 times if they don't purchase then they won't ever purchase that product from you so you post a discount offer after they decline the orginal offer you can still gain a potential client with that discount. The products are usually worth what they originally ask for.

    Its sales when you go to purchase a vehicle why don't they sell it for bottom dollar instead of MSRP? Because they are there to make money but when push comes to shove they will cut the price to make what they can and hopefully keep you as a loyal customer for the future.
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