What's The Best Way To Get Affiliates To Promote Your Product.

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I know this has probably been out there before so I apologise if I'm asking something already asked, but I searched and couldn't find what I was looking for.

I'm about to launch a product through Clickbank and am just wondering what is the best way to get affiliates to promote my product?

Any experiences or any sites you can suggest that can help with this?

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    high commission, good value product and support, proper affiliate tools eg: premade sales letter and email offers, banners, proper link tracking and stats... those are some of what affiliates look for.

    - Terry
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    offer great comissions, validate that is sells well and people will follow
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    If you really want to get super affiliates promoting your product then you must network, network, and then network some more. And don't focus on just who else has a clickbank product in your niche, go on amazon and find some authors, email them and offer a proposal.
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    very important, if you do not protect your thank you page forget about the good affiliates, I would not waste my time for a product that the thank you page can be easily found doing a simple search.

    besides that, everything that has been said here is pretty much to the point

    You want to get bitcoins with a farm that delivers?

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      Hi Sheryl,

      if you wanna get just any affiliates, then you got already all the information in this thread that you need. Terry Crim is right on the money! He mentioned the most important things that you have to take care about.

      If you want the big dogs to promote your product, you might wanna check my Sig or just pm me and I'll send you the report right away, it includes a couple of interesting strategies I didn't think about, mentioned by John Reese.


      ‎"Success is waking up in the morning, whoever you are, however old or young, and bounding out of bed because there's something out there that you love to do, that you believe in, that you're good at -- something that's bigger than you are, and you can't hardly wait to get at it again today." Whit Hobbs

      Visit My Website: http://www.mariobrown.net/

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    Make sure that your sales page converts (drive traffic
    through it using ppc or solo ads) and then provided
    conversion stats to potential affiliates. They need to
    know in advance that their effort is going to pay off.

    Also, teach you affiliates what techniques work best in
    selling your product. There's a reason offline companies
    spend so much time training their sales force... on an
    ongoing basis. Properly trained sales people produce
    better. It's no different online.

    PM me if you'd like a suggestion or two there for
    putting together an awesome training program!


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    Make sure your product is a niche hot product in the market lately!... Only those hot products will easily be able to get more affiliates to promote your products. Besides, how much commission are you going to paid out is another factor to get more affiliates queue up to sell your product. Normally, commission paid out is above 50%, and sometimes it up to 75% or more...

    To get more information on internet marketing (especially private label rights products/tips...etc), welcome to my blog at http://jeffchongblog.blogspot.com/ or grab your free copy of Clickbank 1+1 Formula Ebook at http://www.easyprofitsformula.com

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    Thanks for all the advice I will look into everything.

    I am thinking of a price of $47 for my product with perhaps 60% or 65% commissions - $28 - $30. Do you think that sounds ok? I thought about 75% but that's not really leaving much.

    Mario I grabbed your product and will try to find time to read it tonight - thanks.

    Marian - those links look good - the sort of thing I was looking for.
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    I've used the following 4 P's with good results...

    1. Personality.

    Don't be goofy, but don't be pure business either. Let YOU shine through. As everyone knows, we do business with people we like and trust. A positive, personable approach works.

    2. Peer.

    I get way too many AFF invites from people who are insecure. Your materials and emails should say, "I belong in this space" without being arrogant.

    3. Proof.

    Willie mentioned conversions. Absolutely.

    What? A new product? No conversions yet? Then give the product to people you want on board. Let the product prove that the people buying will be glad they did.

    4. Payout.

    The higher the better. Even more $$ on the backend? Even better. Got a recurring commission? Even more better!

    Mark Robbins

    I focus on ONE online business model - Recurring Revenue (RR). If I can help you in any way just post a RR question or PM me.

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      For me it's affiliate tools, affiliate tools and affiliate tools. Do most of the work for me and chances are I'll set up a site promoting your products.

      I want banners, I want images, I want articles I can use, I want video I can embed, I want you to build a landing page I can make alterations to... I want... I want!!

      You get the point
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    Quid Pro Quo. Do something for them first.

    Buy their products, comment on their blog, promote THEIR products first.

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