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Hey guys,

So over the past months I've been learning and learning everything about Affiliate Marketing. I'm pretty much wake up, go to work, come home, eat, research until crazy times in the morning, sleep....
While I am also writing a ebook or two, I can't seem to just let this slide without accomplishing something in the AM field.

I've seen so many like internet gurus like George Brown, Chris Farrell, Antonio Garcia preach about how AM can work.

I've had guys give living proof of success. So after a few months research, planning and practice I've decided I'm going to go for it. Apply everything I know and all the mistakes I've learned and really drive a niche that will succeed. I'm just on the bandwagon.

I can set up domains, create webpages, sell a good presell. I'm going to promote through my blog, youtube videos...

But I need some of YOU guys support.

If anyone can lend me a bit of encouraging words or advise in how to begin this journey then please do. Y'all great in the Warrior Forum and give some amazing advice. But I'm just wanting some great key tips from the successful and the masters among you all in how to kickstart a niche, getting it out there and encouragement to find that success.

Thanks guys, get in touch. Chris
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    Here's some encouragement (and advice): if you fail to plan... you are planning to fail.

    Make sure you have FIXED GOALS and a DEADLINE.
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    HI Bro, it's always cool to see highly motivated people keep coming to WF. =)
    My suggestion, lay the plan and work your plan consistently.
    It's a business and there's always risks that it's not gonna work out, but if you don't try you'll never succeed like those gurus you mentioned above.

    Maybe you will face failure but it's ok. Who knows that the road is gonna be OK for your business.

    good luck brother. Check on me I will help if I can.

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    Don't ever give up on your dreams Chris, I'm a straight up country boy from WV and it took me 3.5 years to succeed and get to the point to where I no longer have to work for anyone else...

    Write your goals down and each time you accomplish that goal scratch that off the list, Always take action... You can have all the knowledge in the world but that knowledge won't amount to a hill of beans if you don't act upon that knowledge.

    This business is very lucrative once you make it, The lifestyle of waking up when I want, Working from where I want is why I and many others got in this business..

    I don't know if you plan on integrating list building into your business plan but I highly suggest you do as you will OWN the traffic and will be able to send them to any affiliate offer that you wish...

    Keep taking action, Never Give Up and Have Fun!!!!
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    Take action and dont be afraid to fail. Test as much as you can, have your own site, cloak your affiliate links, and sign up for affiliate programs that offer residual commissions month after month (ie: webhosting affiliate programs).
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    Take Action

    Analyze results

    Make changes

    Take Action

    Analyze results

    Make changes

    That's the cycle of life in IM. NEVER get stuck in a cycle where you are doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. That's insanity.

    Get on the upward spiral of success by using the process above.
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