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I need comments on my squeeze page Crate Training Puppies | House Training A Dog | Potty Training A Dog

Took me some time to create but I need to know if there is something more to be added. Thanks in advance.
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    Not my niche but I see no connection with the rich and famous and credibility in training a dog .

    I would find an authority that uses the training you are promoting , one that all dog owners are aware of , and use them in place of rich and famous.

    I do like the fact that you give no other option but sign up for my free report. So many splash/ capture pages give too many options and too many ways of escape .

    Pretty good splash all in all. Course that might not mean much considering the source :-)

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    @Ishan I have corrected the mistake. Was a big mistake though.

    @ Troy I have changed the rich and the famous to "experts". Is this OKAY?
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      Like I said I don't know if I would qualify as a splash page expert . I do make my living collecting a list .

      I think the expert will lend more credibility . Be sure to keep us posted on your testing and results .

      Good luck

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          Personally, I would change the background color first....maybe a darker a navy blue?

          Second, I'd also take the subscription box and put it somewhere "above the fold"...but that's just me. I assume all visitors are STUPID, so I try to always put my sub box above the fold and have an arrow or something POINT to it.

          Third, I would think about using a picture. If you can't find one, perhaps the product you are promoting offers some for their affiliates?

          Fourth, I would make the headline bigger and maybe even make it a graphic so it stands out more. For example, download GIMP, open it up, type your headline, make it red, and then maybe add a drop shadow to it so it "jumps" a little more.

          If I were you, I would also Google what your keywords are and see what others in the niche are doing with THEIR squeeze/landing/sales pages.

          It might give you a better idea of what works for everyone else.
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    What is the customer base? How many?

    You might have for sure - one (Obama's New Dog"

    To being Successful,

    Myrtle Beach Metal Detecting
    For the guys that bring more than their kids toys
    Chase Beach -
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    I would change the width of the page. And the font as it looks a little small and plain.

    Im no expert on squeeze pages though.


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    If it were mine, I'd increase the font size. I'd also pad the text more so that it's not so close to the edges. I'd increase the size of the header too. I would also do as Minisite Nerd recommends and put the signup box above the fold.
    Just my 2c.

    By the way, at the very bottom it says:

    To Your Abundant Success,
    Your Name Kingsley Aje


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    Reduce the size of the main table to 675-700px wide.

    Move the opt-in form above the fold (in the first viewable screen the reader sees, without scrolling down).

    Improve your bullets and move them to the left of the opt-in form.

    Tahoma or Georgia both are safe, good looking choices for typeface.

    Make the headline more intriguing ala:

    "Discover 20 Remarkable Dog Training Secrets
    Professional Dog Trainers Hope You'll Never Learn.."

    Pack more punch into your bullets:

    Grab My Special Report To Learn:

    The fastest way to stop your dog from peeing
    in the WRONG place
    -- and how you can easily
    train him to go in the RIGHT place with no yelling,
    hitting, or any negative reinforcement...

    How to make your dog listen to you and obey your
    so you can enjoy the outdoors together
    without fear of your dog running off or misbehaving...

    What NEVER to do if your dog jumps on people
    -- get this one wrong and you'll virtually guarantee
    that the problem becomes WORSE, not better...

    This kind of goes beyond a "critique" but the fundamentals of the page are so bad as it is, I thought a more broad discussion of what to do would be more helpful to you and anybody else reading this that's struggling with the same thing.


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