Sites to launch... a site?

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Sorry if you are confused by the title!

What I'm asking is if you know sites from where you can launch a brand new site, like this one that is the only I know for now:

Launch A Website On Website Launchpad

Usually doing a related: Google search throws me similar sites but this time I only get mostly web design sites which while related not exactly the same... And if I search for terms like "where to launch a site" or similar I get results for boats and rockets! :confused:

So, any other similar site worth checking? Stumble Upon could be an option I guess...

EDIT: I shortened the fu*** long anchor text!
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    I don't know of many "general" websites that do it for any niche unless you'd consider social bookmarking sites to be like this.

    However, if you mentioned the niche that may help. For example, there's quite a few places for Internet marketing related launches.
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      Oh, I see... The niche is gaming (console gaming to be more specific, no on-line web games or such).


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