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Hi Everyone,
I haven´t written a post for a long time so here I am with a problem for you to solve.
I have this problem that I need some help with. I am trying to build a list and have generated 75 signups in the process of which 25 of them have not given me their names even though
I asked for names and email addresses. I was about to delete all of the no names, but I´ve
decided to consult with you guys first to see if something positive can come of it.
What do you think I should do or what can I do? Their email addresses seems to be o.k as they are receiving the follow up emails. But I cannot develop a relationship with people whose names I don´t know.
Thank You
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    People know that they are going to get an email, and only the email is important to get the mail. Maybe they are too lazy or just think the name isn't important.
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    Why not send a mail to the unnamed signup with some goodies linked, but with a full sign up sqeeze page between them and (some of) the goodies?

    A mail-addy is rarely totaly useless.
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    One thing's for sure, though: if I did collect first names as well (as I used to in a couple of niches when I first started) I certainly wouldn't be using them as a salutation in my autoresponder emails, because too many people think it makes you sound like an insurance salesman, and I think I lose far more than I gain from that. People aren't stupid anyway: they know it's only an "automated trick". I think it makes you look worse, rather than better, myself. I'm saying that mostly on the basis of customer feedback, really: I don't really mind either way, but my customers don't like it.
    - Alexa Smith
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    I have a list of 7,000 with 200 or so without names attached. They still open my emails which I guess is the point.
    Good luck.
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    Originally Posted by felixg View Post

    What do you think I should do or what can I do?
    I would (and did) stop asking for their names. I don't need them; they don't help me. 12-15% more people opt in when I don't ask for them.
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    Don't expect everyone to behave the same...

    It's always going to happen differently, some will sign up
    and won't confirm their registration otherwise will follow
    due process.

    There names should be the last thing to bother you,
    so long as they can receive the follow up message,
    you have done your job.
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    After testing my opt-in rates I have found asking for a name
    as well as an email address has seen my opt in rates drop.

    So now I only ask for the email.

    It all depends what you feel comfortable with and how you want
    to so things.

    But I know that for most people time is of the essence so they
    don't want to hang around too long and just want the information
    you've promised them as fast as possible.

    Hope this helps and good luck my friend.

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