The "How To Make Doodle Videos" You've Been Waiting For?

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I posted this on the copywriting forum, but since less than 1% of y'all make it over there and Doodle Videos are more about the bigger marketing picture, rather than just copy, I thought I'd post this link here too.

I'm on Bob Proctor's list and received THIS LINK to a potentially bottom-line-shattering opportunity. Not an affiliate link.

If you've been wanting to integrate whiteboard vids into your marketing, opt-in and fill out this guy's form to stay tuned.


P.S. Bob Proctor is from The Secret Movie. I've been on his list for a couple years and find that most of his offers are complete nonsense. But he keeps me responsive by offering legit gems every once in a while. That makes me click the links his sends me and sift through the BS to find stuff like this. There's a good lesson there for people using email marketing. Keep giving your list value, as much as possible, and you'll make money.
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