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What is the most important thing that an affiliate program should have to convince you to join?
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    A great product I can stand behind. Everything else comes second to that.

    The next most important thing would probably be a great sales letter.
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    Mine is not on your list - Excellent experience of using the product myself.

    nothing to see here.

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    Indeed..excellent experience of using the product yourself is a strong factor..
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    Good sales letter.
    Self tested product.
    and good testimonials from others.
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    The offers I promote need to pay me enough to keep me interested. It's hard to build a business on small commissions. A variety of payment options is another big one for me. I've promoted offers before where many interested prospects couldn't buy because the offer only had 1 payment option.
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    Looks like the "good product" rules the pool so far. Having a good product is important and I say being a good "consumable" product is even better because customers will keep reordering it. In a rev-share program with life-time customers that's gold.
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    The results of the poll seem fairly even. Everybody has different things that they want an affiliate product to have... try your best to incorporate all of them.
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    You can't trust guarantees in a global market. Not every place has the same laws. "The check is in the mail" or "trust me" wouldn't be enough to get me involved with an unknown. Put your product/service where your claims are.
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    Thanks to everyone participating so far in this poll!

    It looks like people are not interested in affiliate marketing as they used to be. Hearing the thoughts of many other people will make the poll result be a lot more relevant.
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    The price of the product is also important. If the product is expensive your commission is bigger, but you have less sales. Less sales means less popularity for the product. So, it's much better to have an affordable price and more customers.
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      When there's a free offer(trial) for the product it's not hard to attract customers. That would make the product popular in no time.
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    For me, the price of the product + commission percentage and the current user's reviews on here and other im boards related to the product.
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    Having a good product to promote is the key, the rest is secondary !!!!
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    In addition to everything mentioned, to me, reputation and popularity of the vendor is a big indicator. Also, I look at reputable affiliates if they promote this product or service. If they do, I know, it means high competition but there are ways to avoid making it a problem.
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