targetting women or men?

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Hey guys, quick question that i've been wondering for a while now. when promoting products, do you guys tend choose products that target men, women or both? i know alot of guys that love to have shopping sprees online and are quick to draw the credit card, but do not know if women tend to be as quick to jump the gun.

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    Interesting question, however, I don't think most IMer's don't even think about demographics, or about target audience and target market at all.

    I think most IMers just do what they have been taught and that is to choose a niche based upon their interests, knowledge, and/or passions.

    And then they just choose a product within that niche either because it captures their interest or because the keywords have good search volume,

    And they choose those things without any consideration for their target audience or target market.

    It's a backwards strategy and one of the reasons most IMers struggle.

    However it is good to know your target market because it will affect how you reach out to them and the apply the strategies, tactics, and tools to get them to do what you want.

    A recently divorced woman of 30 who is very affluent and wants to lose bodyfat is going to have different motivations than a 60 year old married woman who wants to lose bodyfat.

    And your strategies and tactics should reflect these diffferences.
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      Originally Posted by shane_k View Post

      I think most IMers just do what they have been taught and that is to choose a niche based upon their interests, knowledge, and/or passions.
      It's always funny to see people recommending that: "choose a niche you're interested in". If the niche isn't profitable, it doesn't matter how interested YOU are - you're not going to make money promoting products to yourself - their has to be an interested audience that's willing to spend money.
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      Originally Posted by shane_k View Post

      I think most IMers just do what they have been taught and that is to choose a niche based upon their interests, knowledge, and/or passions.
      This is a good strategy, target customers based on a particular niche not necessarily by sex/gender. Its best to target also an area that you are very knowledgeable and passionate about.
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    I disagree with you on that point Chase Watts...............choosing a niche in the market has to be based on a subject that has interest to you personally, if not then your not going to market the product to the maximum level to succeed.

    When I promote or speak about a product my feelings shine through and my target audience feels this open & transparent motivation for promoting the product and this gives added boost to get a sale etc.

    Planning & strategy are the key points to any successful marketing plan and always keep reinventing yourself with unique content to keep the interest level high with your chosen niche in the market!!!

    Cheers and good luck to all.
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  • I think I passivly target the male audience. Because I know them better than the opposite sex. Is just something passive. Like when someone ask you draw a character. Males automaticly draw a man. Woman automaticly a woman.
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    This answer may seem obvious, but I'd say it depends of the offer. Products for weight loss work better with women. We often see women wearing bikini on the vast majority, if not all the ads for these products and often on the packaging. This is a clear need to address women.

    For dating sites, again I refer to the homepage of the website to promote. As an example, mature women seeking stability. You should present them an image of a man without financial problem, a professional. Many mature men are looking for an adventure and thus, a more youthful and sexy woman.

    For all offers, I first look at the banners provided by the advertiser, the website and ads competitors. Hope this help.
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    It doesn't really matter if it's a man or woman, so long as you do a proper keyword research,
    find a handful of buying keywords then you are good to go.
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    thanks for all of the input guys. it's been a great help.
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    Women mostly are the shoppers online, it also depends what you are selling.

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    I don't think it matters all that much. I try to target both if I can, if I can't no big deal.
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    Targeting needs and not gender works for most niches. Doesn't matter if you're a guy or a girl, you still may want the same thing for the same reason. Obviously doesn't apply for ALL niches though.

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    Both genders are highly profitable... but it all comes down to whos language you can speak. If you try to sell heels to a woman without knowing the psychology behind why women love shoes... It's a much harder sale. That's why I always stick to audiences that I can personal relate to and I understand completely.
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    i can give you example.....if your offer like health/diet/fatloss/weight loss/
    you can target both , specific women percentage is bit higher in that case.

    if you are going to promote any offer related "make money" specificly male percentage is much higher and as same in gaming offer.

    And you want very specific visit quantcast and create afree account. see the statistics top 100k sites . or your niche/offer related websites.

    they provide age group/demographic/gender/ and much more

    I'm Ready for learning.

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    Originally Posted by vojohn33 View Post

    . . . when promoting products, do you guys tend choose products that target men, women or both? . . .
    My own feeling is that every bit of accurate information you can find that will help you understand the specifics of the audience you're going to be approaching with your offer ought to be considered. There are times when you will not be able to find market demographics and so you approach your audience with less information.

    I think it's worth the extra bit of research it takes to learn all you can about
    1. The product you are offering (are there advantages or different benefits for men vs. women?)
    2. The target audience you are going to market (what percentage are women vs. men?)
    3. The advertising platform you're using (Facebook, WF, a blog, etc)
    Just as an example, I know that Comscore has done research on social media platforms and has found that they are used more often by women than men, and that women tend to stay on those platforms longer than men (by 30% I believe). What that tells me, is that if you're going to advertise on Facebook, for example, without targeting an audience you are more likely to have your ads seen by women.

    Good luck to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    When I am creating an advertising campaign, this is actually something I care about. I like to use,, and Google AdPlanner to get an idea of who my 'ideal sex' is. Hope that helps
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      I think it really depends on the product... And the platform where you're advertising.

      Also, some women don't like to be stereotyped... Personally, I don't "get" heels at all. Of course that may be because they hurt my feet so I stopped wearing them ages ago.

      Then again, putting yourself into the head space of your ideal audience always helps... Getting at their hopes and fears and worries helps you market more effectively.

      As a copywriter, I generally do that. But as far as gender goes, it can be a bit tricky when you're marketing generic IM products...

      Yes, there seem to be many more men who are buying, but the women who buy are really serious about it, so it's important to make sure to make the product relevant to them too.

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        Do I target men or women?


        I've looked, and except for those poor misguided souls who believe search bots buy products, those seem to be the choices.

        It all depends on the product and the venue.

        While the club isn't exclusive, you'll do better offering fantasy sports info to men. On the flip side, odds favor offering heels to women.

        Something like cooking gear, instruction, etc. go both ways. Even then, individual offers may be better targeted to one or the other.
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