Authority site domain name question.

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So I'm finally figuring out the niche I want to get into... I think. One question however, for an authority site what type of domain name would be better?

For example, let's use 'learn karate' as an example for the main keyword I want to target: (Cheezy?)

Or something easier to brand like:

Or dropping the "learn" all together and going with something like:

What would you choose?

I even considered going "" to have an ironic domain name... figured it might not be the best idea.

PS. Site is not actually going to be karate related.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jonathan Emanuels just came in my head XD
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    for mini authority site or authority site you will want to consider a brand name. looks better.
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    Agree with Lateef. A two-word brandable will be your best choice. If possible, Karate should be the first word. would be perfect, but already taken. Here is a list that may have something useful.
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  • I'd recommend something very brandable. If possible, get the main keyword(s) in there, but over the long term that won't even matter as much as most people think.

    The nice thing about an authority site is it gives Google a lot to work with for identifying which keywords to rank you for. The domain name is much less important. Of course, at first it is helpful to have the keywords, plus for branding it can be important.

    Good luck!
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    Keywords in domains matter less for ranking in Google nowadays. Two word sites have always seemed to work best too. I agree that it should be something brandable, maybe you could use your own name or make up a nickname for yourself.

    If it's an authority site, it should rank anyways due to the sheer amount of content
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    Go with something brandable. A site I have used to brainstorm names is Bust a Name


    ...Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just set there.
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    As Warriors said above - choose a good brandable domain instead of going for keyword oriented one (or exact match domain). It will be easier for people to remember and will add some value when selling the site in future (at least better then EMD).
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      The keyword in the domain name does not really matter much. Go for something catchy and brandable.

      Good Luck
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    Maybe you can try something catchy with the keyword inside. Does not need to be EMD.
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    Domain Authority is best used as a competitive metric against other sites as opposed to a historic measure of your internal SEO efforts.
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