How long Have Article Directories Been Around?

by Tony S
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Hi everybody, I want to know if anyone knows what year the first article directory got started. I hear it was around 2005-2006 bet that doesn't sound right. It seems to me that it would have been a lot earlier than that. I need the information for some research that I'm doing. Anybody know?
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    EzineArticles is the most popular and was started in 1999 actually.
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      There may have been earlier comparable article submission organizations, but the oldest ones of which I'm aware are the Associated Press (1845), Reuters (1851), and UPI (1907 - at one time the largest).

      Hope that helps.
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        Thanks Chase and myob for helping me with this one. It's just the information I was looking for to help fill in some blanks. It's really appreciated! ;-)

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