Best and Worst Decision Over The Years As You Built Wealth

by ncotta
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Hey warriors,
I'm new to the warrior forum but definitely not to internet marketing. I always viewed marketing forums as a waste of time, but I now realize how big of a mistake that was. A forum can be extremely valuable as to making connections in business and having that support group of people who understand what you're going through. That - among many other reasons.

Anyways, I thought it would be fun to share your BEST decision over the years and your WORST decision over the years as you build your online wealth.

I'll be the first to share:

BEST DECISION - learning a valuable skill such as SEO. SEO allows me to build and rank my own sites, get paid by clients who want my skill but don't know how to implement, and lastly - if this whole thing blows over for me... at least I'd be able to get a job in the real world working at a SEO agency.

WORST DECISION - not developing a valuable skill sooner. wasting a lot of time on blogging when I dreaded it and could care less about it.

Okay, your turn! Go!
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    When I first started, I took out a loan and spent all the money in one place. Rookie mistake. Never will I do that again.
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    BEST - Focusing on what is already creating wealth and ways to improve it.
    WORST - Not focusing on what is already creating wealth and pursuing other ideas.
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    best- learning to improve myself through self help books, success books etc and building discipline and determination so i can reach my goals.

    worst- shiny object syndrome. it's real easy for a newbie to get caught up in different money making techniques, when i started out, i hopped on the train that promised money the quickest and easiest way. if i didnt make money in the promised time, i'd go to another technique, and then another..and so on. it took me a while to realize i got burned and lost out on almost 2 years. if only i could go back.

    good luck man. cheers.
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    Best- Focusing on one thing and working hard at that one thing only.

    Worst- Spending years wasting time buying product after product, giving a half-assed try at the methods then moving on to the next hot trend.
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    BEST - Making my own products and services to sell

    WORST - Not taking advantage of the momentum that was built up in my business. Once you lose your momentum you have to build it back up.
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      Originally Posted by jaybenoit View Post

      BEST - Making my own products and services to sell

      WORST - Not taking advantage of the momentum that was built up in my business. Once you lose your momentum you have to build it back up.
      This. I have always noticed that when I make a lot of money in a time period, I always have the urge to make more. I mail my lists more often, I create more PPC campaigns, I contact new JV partners and I hire more workers for my business. The result is that I make A LOT more money than in normal weeks.

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    Worst Decision - Expecting things to happen instantaneously and not treating things like a 'proper' business (OK, two things)

    Best Decision - Fixing the worse decisions
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    Best Decision: Continue to persevere even when i wasn't making any money

    Worst Decision: Countlessly starting over with products after products, sites after sites, and niche after niche... until i finally stuck with one niche and it finally worked for me.
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    Best, Buying a MAC, saved me hours of frustration, allows me to be way more productive.

    Worst, When I first got started, in the early 90s I was making the same mistakes that you see new members here make all the time, nothing much has changed except that back then there was very little information out there, you literally had to learn it all without the products you see today.

    Its easier today, but it takes time to learn enough to really make a living online.

    Most people I talk to still try to take the short cut to the front of the line and that just does not work, you see it all the time in many Products where they are half baked or poorly thought out.
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    I made a few ebooks PLR that I should have put on kindle. That and not checking close enough where links a tech put on my site for my affiliate sites went to. Oh well - live and learn.

    When the Roads and Paths end, learn to guide yourself through the wilderness
    Beyond the Path

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    Best-Realizing I was already an expert in a niche. I just had to write my skill set down and than tell other people about it. It was than that internet marketing worked.

    Worst-Staying in direct mail to long. expensive and rate of return couldn't sustain business. Money would have been better put in IM!
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      BEST - Learning web design/development. I've earned quite a lot of money with it over the years.

      WORST - Letting a domain expire that I had for 10 years, because I was too lazy to work on it, and it got snatched up almost immediately by another company that has certainly made a fortune with it by now. No, I'm not going to say what it is... it's too embarrassing.
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    Best Decision: Sticking with one method and making my full time living from it.

    Worst Decision: Jumping from method to method when I first started.
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    Best Decision: Finally getting a mentor this year.

    Worst Decision: Jumping from one method to another when I first got started.
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    Best? To start buying traffic again in 2012 after a two year hiatus

    Worst? Paying a guy thousands of dollars to try and get be back on Adwords in 2010
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    best: building on an already established product instead of trying to recreate the wheel and come up with a totally unique product.
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    Best decision: Got a real and honest Mentor !!! (and always is my 1st advice to everyone)

    Worst Decision: Jumping from one method to another when I first got started.
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    Best Decision - Deciding to stick to one market and build a list on it.

    Worst Decision - Looking for the magic button which leads me to buying many different products.
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    best: play to your strengths, does the trick all the time.

    worst: jumping with the bandwagon even when you do not have enough knowledge about the whole thing. it is best to equip yourself with at least the basics before plunging into anything
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    Worst decision: Not trying outsourcing earlier. My small team did all the SEO and design work for all of our clients and were very much burned out because we were trading time for money. The business wasn't growing because whenever we pushed ourselves to the limit, someone would get sick, or get stressed out, and it wasn't the best way to scale.

    Best decision: Discovering white label SEO. I always thought that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. And that was the only way to keep clients happy. But in the end, that business model wasn't scalable and even if you work longer hours and earn more money, you will lose something in return like time for your family. So I'm quite happy to discover outsourcing. Today, we still have very few clients! lol but we're growing and we don't do as much work personally as before.
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    Best: Partner with a very experienced offline sales man, learned so much with him, sales, tactics, relationships, and so much. My business skyrocketed (both online and offline) as soon as i started to work/hang out with him.
    Worst: Small bad decisions here and there, nothing to think of.

    People make good money selling to the rich. But the rich got rich selling to the masses.
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