Current Ranking Tactics? Old time marketer looking for help

by robbeh
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Hi Warriors,

This will be quick as I don't expect super detailed responses.

Started IM in 2008 and stopped in 2011. I am looking to get back into ranking sites and just need some direction. No need to go into extreme detail (unless you feel like it but I am sure those details are all over this forum and I can search for them).

Techniques I knew and used:

-> On page SEO - I assume this is still very important
-> Backlinks - where do we stand here? With Google updates I know you have to be careful with backlinks. Any good services available?
-> Social Media - I never felt from a ranking standpoint this was crucial, more for brand and a following/selling. Has that changed?
-> Private link networks?

Any new absolute nono's? Obvious ones being spam backlinks, comments on high PR sites etc.

Just looking for basic direction to get back into things for ranking sites. Please no list building etc I will get there eventually.

Appreciate the help,
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    Originally Posted by robbeh View Post

    I don't expect super detailed responses.
    You might still get some ... if you post it in the SEO Forum, where the ranking/backlinks discussions live: Adsense / PPC / SEO Discussion Forum
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      Would explain why on the first 4 pages I found not one SEO topic and was floored lol

      I guess things have changed a bit around here too

      Appreciate the tip - I think I can probably hunt around there.

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