Is WorldwideBrands Any Use??

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I am currently thinking of signing up to WorlwideBrands, and i would love your feedback on whether i should join up with them, or is there any better dropshipping directories out there, i see they are charging $299 to join, wil it be a good investment?
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    I joined there many many years ago...yes, it's a legit dropship directory. Keep in mind though, that the best dropshipping companies require a formal business structure, business references etc.

    I remember looking into some of them almost 10 years ago and found that many of the companies would not deal with me unless I was willing to spend a certain amount monthly (often 5 figures) and if I didn't, the prices were practically retail.
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    Sure, I know plenty of people with ecommerce stores who get all their vendors exclusively from WWB.

    The downside is that, since WWB is so easy to use, everybody-and-their-little-brother carries the same products.

    In my opinion, it's best to use if you're going in a fairly niche market.

    Eric Shannon

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      Originally Posted by eshannon View Post

      Sure, I know plenty of people with ecommerce stores who get all their vendors exclusively from WWB.

      The downside is that, since WWB is so easy to use, everybody-and-their-little-brother carries the same products.

      In my opinion, it's best to use if you're going in a fairly niche market.
      Totally agree! Niche sites only!
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        Ok cheers guys for taking the time out to answer my question, i really appreciate it, im just starting out trying to make a living online, and i looking into what ways are the best to making money online
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          Peter, you might as well work as an eBay affiliate. A lot less headache and a lot less out of pocket expense. Comes from my own experience. I think that affiliate marketing is the best business to get into when it comes to making a living online.

          p.s. you can get an eBay affiliate free guide at Free eBay Affiliate Guide
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            I am a WWB member and agree with most of what's been said above. If you can find a product line you love and build/promote a Website around it, WWB DOES offer you the ability to "buy wholesale and sell retail."

            WWB has been doing more of an outreach to its current members lately. Maybe you can initiate communication with the "powers that be" there to better explore what the service offers before you sign up.

            Good luck!
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              Having been a lifetime member since 2004, I have established several business relationships with WWB dropship companies. The companies that populate WWB database are all thoroughly researched before being accepted. WWB is a well respected and reputable company.

              You must have a legally established business entity with a tax ID to be able to open accounts with any of the dropship companies. They generally require personal, business and financial references and most of the companies require establishing a credit account with them.

              My experience with the pricing of the products available are directly influenced by the quantity of items you order. In other words, to get any benefit of wholesale price discounts you have to buy in bulk or large lot quantities.

              Many of the larger companies won't consider doing business with you if your annual sales don't meet a certain sales plateau. ie. 200K per year.

              There's little chance of competing in price for small or single item sales against larger well established competitors also using WWB dropship fulfillment companies as well as the manufacturers themselves that may be selling directly to the public.

              I can say, that WWB is possibly the only dropship company on the internet that adheres to a strict criteria of standards for inclusion in their database. You take a huge financial risk if you attempt to create dropship accounts directly with companies unless you have excellent legal resources to develop legal contracts between the prospect company and yourself.

              IMHO, the bottomline is that the competition in the dropship business is fierce. Unless you can move a substantial amount of product to be able to get deep wholesale discounts, it will be a tough road to compete pricewise. One other consideration is that you will be a middleman in the sales process. People are wise to this and will always shop around for better prices. There's no customer loyalty.

              On the upside, I know several people that run moderately successful businesses in very targeted microniche markets using this method. If you do your research and can find under or unserved markets that you can match up to dropship suppliers, you can potentially make some money. One of the other benifits of using dropship fulfillment is that you not only pass the customer service headaches off to the supplier, but you might be able to bypass the need to wharehouse product.

              Hope this helps.

              Rich Mann

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    eshannon is right. It's well over used for ebay, but on niche sites it's still a good source. Best thing is that all the vendors are verified. Taking advantage of the new vendors can also be a big plus.

    There are other sources of course, but this is the only "directory" I would use.

    Best method of finding people to drop ship is by asking the manufacturer of the item you want to sell who their distributors are and then contacting them.

    You will pay more for an item through drop shipping than if you bought wholesale.

    To Your Success !!
    - Rupps

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    I signed up for WorldwideBrands years ago
    too, but I was stuck on figuring out the most
    cost effective way to set up a business

    I didn't know HOW to begin or HOW to use
    the free resources available that tell
    you what to do to set up a business.

    I was afraid of it, and never did
    anything with it.

    Fear is no joke!

    But, I knew it was legit, b/c the companies
    I wanted to use would not budge without
    getting my business information.

    If I only knew then what I know now...
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      Certain drop shippers on world wide brands won't deal with eBay sellers, and the WWB directory is clear about this.

      You can learn a lot from the categories on WWB - see what categories are hot or well-supplied.
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    I am a member. I have noticed over the past year or so many of the companies have gone belly up. Some of them are mom and pop companies that just couldn't make it through the economic situation we are currently in.

    I really never found WWB to be of that much use, but I am sure that for some it can be handy. Might just be better off Googling "golf clubs" or whatever you are looking for and checking each site to see if they offer wholesale distribution. Just my .02.
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