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is there any industry and global body that is recognised in internet marketing training. where can one learn or get a degree or diploma in internet marketing from a reputable institution
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    I would assume you want the degree to be more employable? You will find that regardless of where you get employed, your Internet marketing skills can be recognized and will often be held in high regards (social media skills are especially important today).

    Just update your CV with anything that you have learned that you are confident you could put into practice at a solid level. You will find over time that the list quickly grows.
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    I agree, I don't think there is a degree specialising in it yet. Certainly not in the UK anyway. Learn some IM skills such as keyword research, traffic generation, SEO and put these onto your CV (Resume)
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      The best way to get recognition is to learn by yourself and then apply it by the trial and error method.
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    @the OP: if you are looking for credibility, it comes with skills. If you are waiting around for someone to "knight" you and say "OK you can do it now," you'll never be ready. Take the opportunity. It's free and all around you. YOU have to choose and say "Yes, I know this stuff."
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    Just browse the forum and get the information you need. There is so much information on this forum, I don't think that any college or school teaches internet marketing?
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    I have to agree with what has been mentioned here.

    I am completely self-taught and currently work with a national online company in marketing. My degree is in English. Obviously, I didn't get the job cause of the degree.

    Plus, when you're self-taught, it's not just to get a job. It's also so you can make money on your own, and long-term the ideal for most people on this forum is to be self-employed completely.
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    I believe the University of San Francisco offers an online marketing degree. You should check them out - even though you don't have to pay their high price for information that is readily available to you on this forum.
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