What is a good ctr on bing ads?

by mithya
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Hello Warriors,

I am currently getting an average of 0.3 on my campaigns. Is it too bad?
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    I'd worry less about CTR and more about ROI. Is the traffic converting? That's the important part.
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    yes, i m getting double of what i am investing. please help me with one more clarification. if i am making $20 for every $10 spent, my roi is 100% or 200%. I saw some really contradicting answers at other places. Thanks.
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    ROI is the profit from an investment. What you make after deducting the expenses. If you spend $10 to make $20, your profit is $10. To find the percentage, do profit/investment. $10/$10=1.0 or 100%

    If your profit was $50 and your investment was $10: 50/10=5.0 or 500%

    Return On Investment (ROI) Definition | Investopedia
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      Thanks for the link.
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    My guess is you are using broad match keywords: perhaps try to use exact match and phrase match keywords instead, and split up keywords into more ad groups so you can get more targeted ads. I also agree that it does not matter much if you are in profit, but who is to say that you won't earn a lot more if you increase the CTR?

    My CTR on BingAds is usually higher than on AdWords btw.
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    That's actually the "standard" ctr for bing. When you make a new campaign they will automatically start you with 0.30 cents per click. As soon as you run your campaign and you are getting impressions/clicks, CHECK your keywords for what they are REALLY worth and adjust them, if not, kiss your money good bye.
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    i am having 0.7 CTR on my campaigns
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    CTR does matter.. it tells a lot about the quality of your ads.....

    If you say your ROI is 200% it means you have a good offer running however your ad is not that appealing.....

    What you need to do is use dynamic text in your ads. Check out their training section. It will significantly improve your CTR.. moreover bing gives high quality score to ads which use their dynamic function... higher quality score will mean your ads become cheaper!

    Your ads become cheaper so your investment is lesser.... you get more CTR means you get more conversions..... you should easily start getting an ROI of 400%.....inshallah!
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    I have 5.96%...
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