New hot offers vs Tried and Tested - which is better

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Hi all,

Which offers are better to promote -

New fresh ones

- might not have a polished affiliate tool kit
- No track record on CB


Old stalwarts that have been selling consistently for years

-polished affiliate tool kits
- super sales stats on CB

But possibly saturated the existing solo ads lists.
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    I would focus on offers that add the most value to the lives of my list members.

    Want To Make More Money Online? Invest in BETTER CONTENT!
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    I have both, I have my bread and butter sites and sometimes I will pick a day to pick google hot trends or some other website and use keywords to get a website up to make money fast or just use ppc to earn some quick money.

    Hot trends though don't seem to stay hot for long so I never go in thinking its going to be a get rich niche.
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      Thanks guys, sounds like its about researching each specific product and finding out if its a viable one to promote, rather than hard and fast rules
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    you can probably sample both and have a bit of the tried and tested offers, as well the new and fresh ones. that way, you can compare and observe which ones work to your advantage.
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