Content writer for my Wordpress site?

by Nattie
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Does anyone know where I can hire someone to set up my Wordpress site?

Thank you.

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      And how complex is your site?
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    Hello Nattie,

    It is possible to build a system where other people work for you and you make money. However before even thinking of hiring other people to work for you I think you should give it a try and do some work on your own. Then if you see that what you are doing works you can hire someone to do the same stuff.

    But if you are a beginner with low budget it will not work because people who can help you to make money they are smart enough to charge you a lot of money because they deserve it

    Good luck,
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    I am not sure if you're referring to either or both hiring a writer or a WordPress web designer. Nonetheless, since we're in the Warrior Forum, you may check the Warriors for Hire section. There are service providers in that section both for content writing and web designing.

    Outside the Warrior Forum, I'd recommend oDesk. Make sure you write a very clear job post with the details of everything you the contract to have before sending his or her application to you.

    I hope that helps.
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    Hey there Nattie,

    well, it depends on what exactly do you need. Do you already have a Wordpress based blog, or do you need someone to set it up?

    Do you have a niche/theme for your blog, or do you need help figuring it out?

    Or do you just need content? (if so, do you have topic ideas or do you already have those?)

    Also, what's your end game with the blog - meaning, how do you plan to drive traffic to it and how are you planning to monetize it?

    These are questions that need to be answered in order to proceed.

    However, if you need someone to simply write articles for you, I'd suggest looking for them outside of the Warrior forum. The Warriors for Hire section, although plentiful in content writing offers, often produces subpar quality, not really useful in today's marketing world - but you really can't expect anything more when the price is 5-10 dollars per article.

    Of course, it all comes down to your budget, so the real question is - how much are you willing to spend for quality content? In my experience quality content writers cost at minimum 4-5 dollars for 100 words, but usually 7-10 dollars/100 words is the going rate.

    Anyway, if you plan on building a relationship with your writers, I'd suggest trying to write yourself - after all, a big part of it is the your personal style, charisma and character that the readers find attractive, so if you change up writers often or they simply are mediocre, you will end up with a vague and impersonal blog. (of course, this doesn't count for guest blogging, but that's a totally different approach altogether).
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    Just browse through this section Wanted - Members Looking To Hire You and you will find a lot of writers who would be happy to help you. In order to make sure that you hire a decent writer, consider asking for a free review article or ask for samples.

    It should not be difficult at all to find a writer. Alternatively, you could post your job details here Wanted - Members Looking To Hire You and you will have hundreds of writers contacting you in no time.
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    You mentioned 'set up my Wordpress site.' Obviously, writers can help you with the content but there are a few other steps involved in setting up blogs other than just writing and formatting the text.
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    I'm not sure what you're asking. Do you need someone to write your content for your site or someone to set-up the site? These are two very different skills.

    You can find both in the Warriors for Hire section of the forum but you need to clear about what you want.

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    I have to agree with Zourkas, before opting to hire someone to build your site for you, why not try making it on your own. it might one big major information overdose at first, but i am sure you will get the hang of it in no time. before you know, you have already built your own wordpress site. when you need something extra special or extra complicated work to be done, maybe that is the time you might consider hiring someone and shelling out some bucks!
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