What is an order form server calls in clickbank?

by mithya
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Through googling, I found out that it is people who tried to buy the product but couldnt buy it. But I thought I should confirm with you guys.

For one product i have got 4 sales from 4 order form server calls. Today, I am seeing 1 order form server calls for another product which did not result in sale.

What is a good sales percent from total order form server calls?

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    As the number grows, there are always a few order-form submissions which don't result in a sale (for example because the credit-card was declined, turned out to be stolen, PayPal wasn't able to take the funds from their account for whatever reason etc.etc.etc. You also get the odd time that people have difficulty submitting the order-form for some reason, and so on.) One can't control these things, really. Their frequency depends partly on your traffic demographics. Also, in niches like "IM", "MMO" and "Forex", difficulties processing the payment are much more common.

    90+% is good, overall, I think? But it really does depend on what you're promoting and who your customers are. People with "difficult" credit-cards are quite often looking at "MMO" products, as you can imagine.

    These order-form submissions, which you're asking about, are a different matter from order-form impressions, of course (that's when someone looks at the order page but doesn't try to buy the product - which is much more common).
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      There is no one answer as to what is good or not. Like Alexa said, it depends on your customer base, your product and niche, and your marketing and advertising.
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    This also happens with Warrior Plus and others...

    Just part of it - sometimes people "chicken" out once they get to the payment page or maybe they just clicked out of curiosity or they could have had an issue making payment.

    Nothing to worry about unless it gets extremely high.

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