IS there a shelf life on PLR?

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I just bought a monthly recurring membership to a PLR site and immediatly sought a refund because it wasn't what I expected. It actually turned into quite the debacle but I won't get into that.

The site itself sold a membership for PLR videos that were released monthly, BUT you had to buy previous releases separately in an ala-carte sort of fashion that were listing the items on average of $47 per title (and it was just the title you got to see). So for the monthly membership fee you just got one-three items every month.

To me, when you sign up for a membership site, you get access to all the new content while you are a member and of course the previous content. This is how most membership sites work whether they are selling WordPress themes, templates, articles or PLR.

Anyway, I had contacted the seller to get a refund and I explained why I was asking for one. The seller replied that it would not be fair for other members who have spent $100's to $1000's in membership fees since 2006 if I could just get all the content for my $27 a month membership fee.

This response has lead me to writing this post to get other warriors opinions on this sellers membership site concept. To me, it's just the seller cashing in as I believe that the older a PLR item gets the more worthless it becomes.

Does PLR have a shelf life and what are the reasons?
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    Yes, in most cases.

    It's life span is not a fixed period of time, but has to do with the currency and relevancy of its content.

    Take PLR in the IM niche. Methods and techniques that were relevant and effective for say, Search Engine Marketing (SEO), or traffic generation few years ago (or a few months ago), if used today, will get your site de-indexed by the major search engines today (there are many other valid examples).

    What worked yesterday will not necessarily work today.

    It does depend on the topic or subject of the PLR.

    In my humble opinion, I believe PLR is a bad investment. I think creating your own, unique content or products is a much better way to go, for many reasons.
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