minimum payouts on affiliate networks

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is it normal for an affiliate network to specify say a $100 minimum payout, so if you dont do so great and never reach that $100 you dont get anything?!

i started with one affiliate that did this - only got to $60 and decidedit was going nowhere so closed sites associated with it...only $60 but annoying they get it for free!
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    Unfortunately some affiliate networks have a rather strange idea of what is ethical and what is not.

    In plain English: receiving traffic and conversions and giving nothing in return is criminal.

    Ethical networks do not use such methods.

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  • Most sites will have a monthly threshold of about $100.

    However -- they (the more legitimate ones) will usually pay out any 'remaining' balance every 3-6 months if you have not reached that threshold.

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    Well just find a way to talk to your affiliate manager. I doubt they'll want to continue holding onto your $60 forever

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