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Here is what im wondering. If i have a blog say based around cars. Am i able to go to like Ezinearticles and find someone who wrote an article i write about cars and put it in my blog as long as im still giving them credit? If so, does this hurt my SEO since it will be duplicate content?

If im not allowed to do that or it hurts my SEO, whats the best way to go about using that persons article. Is it best to contact them to see if they want to rewrite it for my website or for me to rewrite it myself?

Also is there any good places where i can find people who are interested in writing articles for my blog?

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    Yes that is what Ezine is for alot of. You just have to capture the resource box is all.
    We all signed an agreement stating people can post our work.

    Now will it hurt you, no but it won't help you any at all. Its called duplicate content and unless you put that article on your site first wouldn't make a difference to google how good it was.

    What you can you them for though is fillers. Get your own articles for seo and then have fiiller pages for visitors.
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    Yes, you can do what you have suggested, that is what places like ezinearticles are for. The duplicate content is not a worry. It is only if you had two pages or posts on your own website withthe exact same article that it is called duplicate content.

    Another way to get articles is to buy them. You can find many different types of articles at any PLR store and often you can request unique articles from the owner of the store.
    You can also invite other people to write articles for your blog and allow them a link back to theirs from yours.
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    Thanks for the tips. Now let me ask this. Say yahoo post an article. Am I able to post that on my site also as long as credit is given or is that against the rules.
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    I don't look at yahoo, but you can find these answers simple by reading there page, it usually gives you sharing rights on the page its on and if not read the TOS to the website.
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    Whatever the source might be, but without the author's permission you are not allowed to copy the content of any kind. It's best that you rewrite it in such a way that it can pass the copyscape. That's your article.
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    A simple answer is,If you have any financial expectation from your blog then don't copy others article and only way here is to write them yourself or hire an article writer.If you are not going to run that blog to make money then you should not worry about the duplicate content issues and you can copy and post them from anywhere you want to do so although its unethical.
    Shuvo Shahid
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    I think it hurts your site if you are copying existing content because the search engine sees that. You should always try to write your own content. It also looks for duplicate content within your page. Watch out for not titling your url as the same as your article either.
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