How Do I Automate My Twitter Followers?

by SandyHall 5 replies
Hi Everyone,

I just started to use twitter again last night from a long hiatus.
Took some advice from a Warrior that said to find a famous
Internet Marketer who is "Tweeting" and click to follow all their followers
to get more traffic and more followers to my Twitters.

Ok, I did that, and it so far is working like a charm.
I added numerous people following me within a short 24 hour period.

When I was clicking on all of these people to follow them,
I noticed I was getting immediate "direct messages" from
them thanking me for following them.
And in more than a few, they had a URL to go to included.

Now on to my Automation question.
Do any of the Twitter users here know how I would go about setting up
a direct message of my own when people sign up to follow me?
Looks like an internal autoresponder or something like that.

Hope to hear some great answers,
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