Do you like my bribe to other webmasters?

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I'm in the social anxiety niche where info products aren't that common. It's more "free info" sites, adsense supported sites, forums, or a niche ecommerce site.

I'm thinking of offering these sites a "shared newsletter" where we create an email list together, managed and written by me with the opt-in form hosted on your site. The site owner is entitled to half of the content space to further connect with his community and create a loyal following. He may even write the articles himself if he wishes; otherwise I write them on his behalf. And since 2 websites are running this joint effort the content value will be even better than a single website newsletter--(and yes, this is an actual newsletter and not just a weekly pitch fest)

Is this a compelling hook to you? Would you take up my offer if you didn't have a mailing list already?
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    On the surface this sounds amazing, so yes I would. Maybe I will come to you when I get my depression/anxiety blog going.
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    Sounds like a very solid offer. Very clever, actually. Kudos!

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