MinisiteWars - $25 for the best tagline....

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UPDATE... 00.00 UK time... The winner, with 5 votes is Peter Bestel. Peter, please PM me your PP addy, and whenever you're ready your spec for a minisite (header, footer, ecover, button, bg)

Kindest regards,



Thankyou for everyone who contributed - There are 7 possible winners in the poll, please select your favourite, the winner of the poll wins the minisite and cash prize.


The clock starts now, I'm working with Darren to get ready for MinisiteWars and we need a strong tagline...

For those of you who don't know, MinisiteWars is a knockout competition between minisite designers competing on real client designs to reach the next round.

So, who can come up with the best tagline...

The winner also receives a FREE minisite design from eCoverNinja

Results will be announced in three days time.

[edit] The tagline should sell the benefits of having two designers compete on your project, battling it out against each other.
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