How do you Fight IMPULSIVE BUYING?

by Sean A McAlister 6 replies
I think that we all have the tendency to
be somewhat impulsive when it comes
to our own "HOT" button...

This can at times become counter productive
for us in that we end up having a lot of
stuff that we spent a lot of money on
and for some...this can be a big problem.

This can be particularly true with the IM Niche.

There are so many products out there that it
can be easy at times to go on a spending spree.

So how do you curb this tendency...and
how much of a problem to you think it
is for some people? What advice can you offer?

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    When looking at IM related products I just say to myself "it's just another scam, its just another scam"...even if I know it's not it helps make me feel like I shouldn't find it.

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    I put my credit away. That's how I fight the impluse buy.

    Nothing make me more red then when I buy a product and then regret when it fails to live up to what I read or saw.
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      I am more focused now!
      When I first got online I bought everything!
      I could afford it and I did!
      Then I found my hard drive overflowing with stuff I hadn't even looked at! (sound familiar???)

      Once I got a grip - I put the cards away - found a great program and now focus on a daily to-do regime that has really pushed me forward!
      The only bonus is that when I get bored or need some ideas - I dont have to go far!
      I can find just about every product on the planet right on my computer!
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        Do you need what you're buying now for the project you're working on? If the answer is no then postpone buying it until you're ready to use it for a project, even if the price has gone up by then.

        Most times you'll never get around to buying it.

        I used to be a compulsive buyer of IM products, it was too easy to click on the Paypal button and buy. These days I'm a bit stricter and only buy what I know I'll use and I've saved myself a fortune.
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          Impulse marketer reveals

          The ONE thing you need to know
          Powerful secret method that always works

          • Nothing else needed
          • Complete Detailed information
          • Proven effective no matter if you are a seasoned pro or a beginner who started today.
          Frustrated by the hundreds of offers that fly past your desk?

          Do you suffer from I've gotta get that too syndrome?

          This easy one step method created by a professional who knows how to create a powerful impulse offers knows the One trick that stops him COLD in his tracks every time without fail.

          Its not what you are thinking:

          • NOT a we buy everything so and share with you membership site.
          • NOT a we recommend only the good stuff list, so you can ignore anything we don't tell you about.
          • NOT put your credit card in the freezer so you can't buy
          • NOT any of those things that are thinly designed to get you to do what you said you wanted to avoid.
          Here is this simple easy to follow answer.

          Only buy on Value

          NOT on price, NOT on limited terms, NEVER chase a deal.

          When you have your focus on value, it is only then that you can decide if this is a purchase that you should make.

          The same information has a different value to who is viewing it.

          To one person a 1/2 percent change could mean hundreds if not thousands of dollars a day in your bank account.

          The same 1/2 percent change to another person could equal less that $10 a year TOTAL.

          Three Magic Questions
          Answer YES to these Three Questions
          you'll be home free FOREVER.

          Does this purchase Add

          1. Value to you?
          2. Value to your mission?
          3. Value to your lifestyle?

          Unless the answer is a overwhelming YES, then its an automatic NO.


          Today isn't Yesterday, - Products are everywhere if your eyes are Tuned!
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    I have learnt just to buy based on reference. If I buy a really useful ebook, I buy the stuff. But just if you see a really good adcopy and buy you are doing a tough job.
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