Product Creators - What Keeps You Motivated?

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What is the reason you decided to start creating your own products instead of being an affiliate of other products? Was it the chance to help out others, was it in hopes of building business relationships, or was it the possibility of earnings?

Or, if you're not a product creator, what was the reason you never created your own product?

For me I began creating products that would have the ability to help others. I love helping people, so when I have a customer who purchased one of my products comes to me and tell me they are benefiting from that product, that's what keeps me motivated.

I'm curious to hear some responses from other marketers
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    I would be lying if I said it wasn't to make money.
    But I do it because I want to help others so they don't have to make the same mistakes I have made during my working time. We all have knowledge so if we can share, it would help others immensely.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Visit my site for more info

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    First, I love to write.

    It's one of the only things I'm good at.

    Second, I've been a computer nerd for the entire duration of my life.

    That means, I've spent exponentially more time than the average human playing with websites, writing books, and things of that nature.

    So, I figured it would be a good mechanism upon which to share my experience.


    PS: I also love affiliate marketing, but I enjoy writing and sharing my content more than I do other people's.

    But if the money's right..

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    Prospect of keeping 100% of the profits
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    I think these might be the common reasons for most of the product creators;
    - Make money
    - Help others
    - Build Authority
    - Build Relationships
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      I think it's because I'm just wired to create or make things better. When I see plug n play solutions, I'm bored in about 3 seconds. I always want to maximize or improve something... I can't help it.

      I also realize that my own products will give me a more stable and higher income in the long run.
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    I get motivated when someone writes back to me to say how much they enjoyed my product or found it useful.
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