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So I've been workig on a few ebooks recently, both fictional and nonfiction. I was told that I should build up an email list to effectively promote the books when they are ready to launch. One ebook is about personal improvement and the other is a collection of weird but interesting short stories.

I'm pretty new to all this stuff and I need some guidance in building and utilizing a list. How did you guys go about building your lists? I welcome any helpful tips and links you have to share.
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    St Pierre,

    Do you own a website or blog? I would recommend two ways to start:
    1. start building blog traffic by offering content related to your book, then offer visitors access to your book if they submit their email

    2. develop a landing page aimed at converting emails in return for content of interest.

    Good luck
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    I had a couple of affiliate products, affiliate systems and affiliate programmes that I ran ads for - mostly solo ads. As my list grew I did a daily broadcast. I now do a lot of free lead generating methods to keep my growing my list and keeping it fresh. But paid traffic is still the fastest way to grow your list... but you need to do it smart with a Self-funded proposal. Hope that helps.
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    St Pierre,

    I think this could work well for you.

    1. Record yourself reading one of your short stories, turn it into a video. You could even pay someone on Odesk/Elance to create an animation for you.

    2. Upload your video to YouTube.

    3. Create an intriguing title.

    4. At the end of the video send people to an optin page for another story or even part 2 or the story.

    If it really is a good story like you say then I'm sure people will respond to this.

    Then you could promote a ClickBank product all about how to write the best stories (or something similar). I've seen products on CB just like that.

    Hope this helps.
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