Top 10 google ranking in 1 day from new Warrior Blog!

by Josh Anderson 8 replies
I just stumbled upon this...

Yesterday I posted a post to my warrior blog about a new project I have been working on and getting ready to release.

Normally after I release a product I will do a little simple SEO to try and get top 10 rankings for two and three word long tail targeted search terms...

But this was accidental:

Notice my warrior blog with only one post is at around position 8 or 9 for the term "transparent video player."

This was completely accidental and I searched on google today while doing a little keyword research to see what my competition was going to be and presto there I was only 1 day after posting.

Now, I am not much of an SEO wiz but most of my products have top 10 listings on google for many of their two and three word long tail target keywords and usually it takes me a bit more effort than a short little blog post.

For example if you search "transparent video" my site has the number 2 listing.

Warrior forum has always been fairly good for seo rankings on discussions in the past but I am convinced that this new platform is more powerful than we think.

In fact yesterday when I posted to my warrior blog I wondered how the search engines would like warrior blogs...

Now I see... Top 10 google ranking in just 1 day for one of my top target keyword phrases that I had planned to target when I got around to it for my new project... and I landed it not even trying by accident with a warrior blog post.

I am impressed.
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    Hah yeah Josh I was going through and looking at peoples blogs and putting text from them in google to see if they showed up already. They do which is really sweet.

    Grats on the ranking!
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      I was surprised to see my brand new profile page when I searched fro my name...I also found my WSO on the first page for two of my targeted phrases. LOL

      This site has a lot of Google Love!

      Every day I check the obituaries. If I don't see my name there, then I know it's going to be a good day!
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        I haven't used the blogs of the new forum yet. But I have a number of "Google Alerts" set up, and today I had two hits come up for for my 'home page' courtesy of my profile here at the new warrior forum.

        I guess for some reason Google likes the WF, and with this new rollout of massive amounts of stuff Google can see, they're showing us some love.

        Does this mean there will be a Warrior Forum Google Slap coming in the future?

        Scott Burton

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        (We all need a break from what we do for a living. I thought it was time my signature got a break too)

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    Congrats you, and thanks for share
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        "That phrase doesn't get many searches a month, just 46 searches worldwide according to Google for the exact match [transparent video player] and there are only around 200 competing sites.

        It would be interesting if these blogs rank well for more competitive terms."
        There is so much you do not know about this particular niche and what happens when those 46 people find you ;-)

        Don't worry though... that is only one of many long tail keywords I will be targeting. At the rate that my sales letters convert it does not take to many of such 2 and 3 word phrases to dig up an additional 6 figures in income.

        Also remember... this was an accident. But an interesting one.

        I doubt you would accidentally find your self in a top 10 ranking for "make money" by accident using the warrior blog...

        But never underestimate the value of accidental (or on purpose) targeted long tail keyword rankings.

        In my niche the right visitor could be worth a sale or a 7 figure partnership. I am fishing for more than sales... and more than just one keyword phrase.

        The good news is that google is indexing the new WF and our blogs like mad and instantly.
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