Software/Marketing Partnership, how does it work?

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Curious, if I code a wordpress plugin or some other software how does a partnership work if you get someone to market it.

What's the split?

Who collects the money?

Is there a common or accepted way that these partnerships come about?

Thanks a ton for any insight anyone can offer.
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    If I partner it, it depends on what you have done and what you have with it.
    Like bonuses, one time offers, is the sales page done is the copy done.
    My ranges would be 35 percent to 50 percent. I am not taking any more though.
    That is what I do. Others are different.
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    It depends what the partner is going to do. I have done some partnerships in the past where someone provides the product and I provide the list and marketing and I would always want at least 50% for those types of deals because anyone can get products created but not everyone has a list of rabid buyers. So I think the marketing side of things is more valuable than the actual product in most cases.
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    Depends on YOUR reputation and your partner's reputation...

    If you were to approach a super star like Frank Kern you'd be lucky to get anything more than leads on your list... (hell you'd be lucky just to get the leads on your list)

    Usually when I partner with someone on something like that I want them to have a completed product - sales pages, download page, the whole nine yards.

    We would then split the money and the list...

    However, if it's your first launch and you have zero list and zero way to help make sales then you should consider giving up 100% of the profits in exchange for the list...

    Because which is better... 0 money form the launch but a fresh responsive list of 1,000 buyers or 50% (or more) of the money from 100 or less sales...

    I'll take the buyers anyday

    So - with that said - even with my own "reputation" I would still be willing even today to launch a product for just the leads - for the right launch partner (Frank? lol)

    So to sum it up - you need to base the monetary and lead split based on the strengths of both you and your potential JV partner.

    Good luck.

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