The Trails of making money online

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It is SUCH a process people that say you can start making money online overnight are lying to you it takes alot of perseverance and dedication - ( Well to make to big money at least ) IT has taken me personally 3 years to start making $500 a day - If your new to this industry i would put your thinking cap on and gear up because this industry is one of the most competitive things i have ever ventured into.

There is hope alot of programs do work - The biggest reason people fail is because to give up to soon remember this is a process ROME was not build in a day :-) keep on trucking and you will see results

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    good advice. it is very important to be patient and not get frustrated. it is a long learning curve to get a solid foundation and have a viable business online.
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    Well, I guess luck has a big role here!
    I consider myself as the luckiest person ever, because I met such a great successful people, millionaires in fact, that were so nice and shared with me their tips and tricks. Wit their help I became one of them and now love to help others making money online.
    They showed me the way to make a lot of money fast and it took me only few months to see the bigger picture!
    Any questions, just let me know!
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      It took me a year and a half before I even made a cent online.

      It took me another year before I had a 1,000 dollar day.

      The funny thing is now I know how to make money online it's easy.

      But really I think the secret to success is just learning the basics and piecing it all together.

      If I could go back in time and someone gave me a months worth of reading material and said "read this" and then I would know everything I know now then it would be easy.

      So the point is to any newbie... The real secret is to educate yourself as quickly and efficiently as you can and you will find success.
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    I went from less than $1 a day to $60-$70 a day in a few hours. Figure that out.
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      Originally Posted by T086 View Post

      I went from less than $1 a day to $60-$70 a day in a few hours. Figure that out.
      And where did you learn the techniques you used to get you to 60-70 a day?

      My point is you educated yourself quickly and efficiently right?
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    The main problem most beginners have in this industry is information overload and being hit with so many products they don't know what to do for the best. Can anyone spell, 'confusion'? Products in and of themselves do not make anyone wealthy (they are little more than digital dust sitting on a hard drive unless they are used and followed). Education, Focus and Commitment are key! All the 'push button' solutions didn't help either, it set people up with an unrealistic expectation that they are going to look up into the sky and see money falling down all around them.
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      It took me almost 2 years before I figured out how to create sales 'on-demand' online. After dropping out of college twice, only working at a legal office & telemarketing gig, and not having any real education... I had to study my butt off in personal development and leverage modeling techniques to have my first breakthroughs. Thankfully for sticking it out, I now haven't even punched a time clock since May 2012 & get to travel when I wish; heck going to Jamaica in a couple weeks.

      It bothers me at the core when knowing that anyone can educate themselves to figure this 'online thing' out and have more freedom then they could ever fathom possible, yet they give up on themselves and go back to a life they have always never loved living. Now that's such a painful 'process.'

      (beginners, stick around and do whatever it takes to get educated)

      Thank you for connecting with me, I really appreciate everytime you respond or have a conversation with me. (hint: I'm an introvert, lol) ---

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    Thanks for the advice. Yes I have to agree this is a crazy competitive industry. If you are making 500 dollars a day I would say you are doing something very right. Thank you for sharing. I am sure you will be at 1000 dollars a day before long.
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      Great advice... Hard work and dedication are key elements to being successful. You have to back up your desire to achieve with action. There are definitely no push buttons to thousands of dollars. I tried to find that button in the beginning, it's nowhere in sight, lol.

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    I believe it was Anthony Robbins who said that "success leaves clues". There are a lot of clues out there that works. If you're starting out, you will end up in some blind alleys as you travel along but you will find through researching the "clues" as well as execution, that you move up the efficiency curve and start making not just good money but GREAT money!

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    The people making the money have the affiliates on their side, the more I've got into it I see it's less about the product being sold and more about the list in the background, that's where the money has always been. So i believe the most important facet is building relationships with the people who can sell your product, becuase without them you won't make much money.
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    very good advice my friend, I'm still learning and it's quite the process.
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