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Hi im Fahim from Malaysia,

i started involve in making money online 3 years ago mainly in PTC sites but its not working well for me.2 weeks ago i found about this affiliate marketing,CPA what is the IM for me to begin with? here is what i have:

1-i am determined to succeed
2-i have $300 to spend
3-i have lots of time to learn

here what i dont have:

1-my english sucks( as you can see my post:p,took me 1 hour to post this!!)
2-i know nothing about SEO,Google,(you can imagine me a newborn baby:p)
3-im not into article writing even in my language

any suggestion would help me a lot!
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    Why not simply sell physical goods online?

    Call Center Fuel - High Volume Data
    Delivering the highest quality leads in virtually all consumer verticals.

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      Originally Posted by hpgoodboy View Post

      Why not simply sell physical goods online?
      like clickbank? thanks for point that out
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    Wanna be friends add me in skype we can share ideas i'm new also. darkisato
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    What about looking for a suitable mentor for yourself?
    There is a recent WSO offer:
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      What ARE you knowledgeable in?

      Do you have access to any products? Watches? Clothing?

      Stuff like that is generally cheaper there than in the US and could be resold.

      Let us know what you know alot about or what your interests are.
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    Well as many successful marketers have already proved, you don't need perfect English to succeed in the art of IM. If you are not confident in conveying your thoughts in this unfamiliar language, why not try targeting a smaller geographical base which you're familiar with?

    You can try targeting Malay speaking audience if that's your mother tongue. Work with successful marketers in your region who are in the same situation as you. Model their thoughts, plans and strategies. Are there anything you can do better to increase your share of the market?

    Btw, the best way to make money so far (in my opinion) is to launch your own product. Again this product does not necessarily have to be in English. It can be in any language that you're versed in.

    Dream Big, Take Action!

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    thanks for the feedback guys,

    1-i dont think having my own product for now
    2-im comfortable do my things online,.ill polish my skills in IM and discover what i am capable of.

    Gonna learn more about clickbank and CPA. can you share some link about clickbank and CPA. i read some thread but just want to know if i missing something.

    btw,im a student and 19 years old =)
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