TBS on Windows 8 - You having Problems?

by dmor71
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I'm having quite a few issues with with TBS on windows 8. Not sure why, but I can't figure it out. But I cannot use the generate articles feature at all. Anyone else having problems?
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    Sorry I am still in xp land here except for one computer that is 7 and it runs find for me on all including my vps with is windows server 7 or 8 anyways works find for me.
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    TBS is the Turner Broadcasting System app, is it? I don't use the apps at all, just go straight to desktop, so unfortunately can't help you with that.

    Reddit has a section for 8, at Windows 8 You can probably get a good answer to your question there.

    I've got 8 adjusted so that after start up I just hit the enter key and I'm at the desktop. That's where I do all my work. I prefer 7 but had to get a new laptop with 8. It does have a couple of good things about it.

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