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I am trying to get a new lead capture page to test and see what works and what doesn't. Would appreciate your help in terms of what should be on a lead capture page, the best place to outsource it to and any examples of what has worked for you.

Big thanks,
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    I got some ideas from WF and it exploded my list recruitment by 1000%.

    The figure at the top is one of my old lists

    The figure at the bottom is one of my new lists using the tips listed below.

    Don't include the name field
    Don't include fancy graphics
    Strip it down
    Put it in 'click through' content-heavy pages
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    Just google for free high converting squeeze page templates and you will find many. Just tweak the original content to suit your own. Test and see if it works with your niche.

    My two cents worth

    Dream Big, Take Action!

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    Try light grey background color like this light grey as Warrior Forum's background color. Maybe this has kind of calmer effect or something but the point is, the conversion rate is higher in many cases. Just saying maybe it's worth a try if you want.

    Just keep it very simple and remember, squeeze page is only to capture emails, not to describe your product. So your copy should be to intrigue people to give their emails, not to inform people.

    Good luck!
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      The highest converting squeeze pages that I have used are the type where the background is a single image, and there is the opt in box floating in the middle with very little text. Kind of like this (this is just an image I pulled off Google, I don't endorse the offer at all):
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        There are many different split test, that all apply to certain different niche's and targets. Your best bet is to start off with just the basics. A great headline, and good call to action for them to give you their information.

        That's it!

        without a foundation, you don't know (or should even care) about the extra percents which makes a difference as you scale up. Long story short, if there is a good compelling offer, someone will give you their information even if the page looks like crap. Just KNOW YOUR TARGET MARKET!

        Thank you for connecting with me, I really appreciate everytime you respond or have a conversation with me. (hint: I'm an introvert, lol) ---

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