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by A S M
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Hello Warriors

I recently took over the marketing section of our business ( Home ) which deals with corporate services , international tax advising , investment funds etc and we are an offshore company based in Cyprus.

Currently our site is in a bit of a mess regarding SEO but i am currently going to change some content to target keywords more effectively and do all the other necessary tasks in order to achieve solid SEO results.

What other things can I do in order to target more potential clients? Our target is not Cyprus . Our clients are mostly Polish and Russian, we have a few in the UK and US as well but we target and often visit other countries like India , Ukraine, Latvia , Canada, Egypt , Europe .

A colleague mentioned the other day that in Poland they use and the majority of entrepreneurs don't speak english. I'm assuming the same may apply to Russia. Does this mean I will have to make a proper translation on our site in Polish and Russian and create backlinks in and ?

Please be so kind as to inform me of more strategies i can use in order to attract potential clients

Thanks in advance,

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