The Key to Riches in Your Niche

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I was beginning to get frustrated, searching for the magic niche, the niche that would make me feel like I owned my own gold mine.

I was pretty excited when I first started, I was able to make $3,000 my first month as an affiliate, but that turned into aggravation, frustration and overwhelm, because I actually got stuck there for a while.

I placed blame on the niche, and began to setup more sites in more niches., thinking that if I had more sites I'd make more money.

I about lost my mind when I realized that wasn't true, I was just working twice as hard with 2 sites just to keep earning the same amount of money.

SO I made a decision, one that made me feel free. I decided to focus on one site, in one niche, and to just focus on that.

I Began to feel a sense of relief, I studied the niche, and the people in it.

I began to become intimately familiar with their pain, their struggles, I knew their pain. I could feel their pain.

I found all the best products, that offered the best solutions. Products that will actually help people Relieve that pain.

Really study your niche, get a good feel for them. Understand what they are going through, what emotions they are feeling, what their pain and struggles are.

Best way is to read every sales letter in your niche, send out for every free offer and study the materials you get back. You'll begin to notice common pain points

Then speak to their pain, address it.

people are usually highly skeptical. So the first thing to do is to overcome that skepticism by simply addressing it.

You can tell your story about how you were skeptical the first time you bought an info product.

I know I was, I was super skeptical, but I was in so much pain, so frustrated, and so confused, I decided to give it a try, and it was the best thing I ever did.

(my first info product wasn't in the make money online niche, it was a natural cures book that I saw on TV)

The thing to understand is there is no magic niche.

The key to turning any niche into the magic niche, is to understand your market. Understand what they really want. Understand what emotions they are experiencing.

then relate to those emotions.

Lets say you are in the weight loss niche, but have never really had trouble with weight. But you know the product you are promoting is really good because their are tons of testimonials and people getting results, and maybe you have a passion for health)

In the weight loss niche, people are embarrassed about their body. SO even though you can't relate to being over weight (or may not be able to). What you can relate to them with is the feeling of embarrassment.

Tell a story of a time you were super embarrassed. How you felt, and what it was like for you. Even if it's unrelated to weight. (just make sure it's true)

This way people will relate and identify with you.

SO lets say i'm selling a weightloss product. I could start by saying.

I was so embarrassed, I felt like everyone was staring at me and judging me. I was so humiliated I just wanted to cry. I just wanted to hide from the world.

for weeks I had to walk around with horrible rashes from the factory I worked in. They were all over my face and arms. people starred at me. and I was ashamed of my body. I didn't even want to look in the mirror

I know what it's like to feel embarrassed and ashamed of my body. So i've decided to team up with (weight loss product name)

I don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable, or be embarrassed about who they are, there are people getting huge results with this product.

***then what I would do is grab a few testimonial off the product page and talk about those people's results****

Then I could talk about how skeptical I was when I decided to buy a natural cures book from tv and how I wasn't sure if it would work for me, but I was so desperate. that I was willing to do whatever it takes and I saw others were getting results so I gave it a try, when it came in the mail I learned how to cleanse my body and the rashes went away. (true story by the way)

It's all about identifying with people, relating to them, and understanding what they are going through.

Then think of a time you felt that way, even if it's unrelated, and share your story with others.

we can all relate to a wide range of emotions, and jus sharing personal stories can help you get huge results. Just make sure the stories are true, and that you can tie them into what your promoting somehow.


there are some really great markets love, money and health are always evergreen and and super profitable. But you still have to understand how to market to them to make them profitable
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