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I registered here a year ago, but this is the first time I'm actually using the forum.
I want to achieve my goal of making $5000 before the year end.
Which will be an EXTREMELY high goal for me. I'm self determined as always to
keep working hard to get it done.
Please P.m. me with any programs that actually works( please: NO get rich programs) thanks~~
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    Help us out a little what have you tried in the past and what are you interested in doing? What are your talents and skills?

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    i like high end affiliate programs. they create the product, the sales page, the training everything.

    So all I have to do is advertise it and sell it.

    I was big into product and offer creation a while ago, but it became to long of a process, so I went back to selling my others products.

    High end 100% commissions are where it's at for me these days. You usually have to pay to join these, or buy the rights to it but it's worth it.

    I don't really like to mess around with low priced offers. That's basically how I make my money
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    Just like offline business, online business is very broad and it's not the same for everyone. Different skill, passion, and so on. Anyway, about $5,000 goal, you can achieve it buy selling LOTS of low-ticket products or a few high-ticket products. I prefer the second one because in the long run, it would be so awesome. But the point is to be consistent with what you do.

    Good luck!
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    If you aren't into creation, like sales and can outsource then working with offline businesses is an option. Done correctly, you'll make a decent up front sale and can then incorporate recurring monthly revenue for site changes, email marketing, hosting etc.

    If you know that you like affiliate marketing then I would look closely at Andrew Hansen who has Forever Affiliate and Ros Gardner for Super Affiliate Handbook. Ros' book was industry standard for years and she has kept it up with changes online. Hers is an ebook; Andrew's is mostly video but with PDFs to back them up.
    Content, Video, Infographics in the lucrative relationship market

    Accurate, Researched and REFERENCED
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    Prepare to get thousands of PMs

    Check out the link in my signature if you would like.

    Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

    YOU are awesome :)

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    Do you freelance because it will help you on working your skills. You should start building a self hosted wp blog and start a list. You can also start creating affiliate sites.

    Blogger at (Make Money online blog but also promoting ethical internet marketing)

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