Weaver II Wordpress Theme and Mobile Devices?

by tomv
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I'm pondering using the Weaver 2 Theme for a blog. I hear it translates pages and posts to mobile devices quite well, and automatically as a default. What I'm wondering is what does it look like on small devices like iPhones and on iPads? What happens to sidebars and email opt-in forms, links to recent articles, category links, general messages in the sidebar, etc? Will there be visibility issues for this stuff? I don't know how iPhoners, Android users and iPadders behave when using those things. I'm only thinking of the free version for now. I was torn between that and Suffusion, but mobile-friendly seems to be the way to go.
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    you may want to check out the responsive theme as well if you are looking for a free theme. the themes that work on mobile devices are pretty cool and they look great on an iphone or an android.
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      Are you referring to the theme called "Responsive"? I thought of that, but that one has such a generic name, it's hard to find info about it. Weaver has support, and you can google it without getting all these other themes in the "responsive" class. Very feature rich, too. Weaver's known for being one of the most mobile friendly that doesn't require a plugin to be such. I have a site with three subdomains, soon to be four. The main HP uses Mantra. Then there's chip zero for one and inove for another (multi-author blog). If Weaver works out, then I might even switch Mantra to Weaver for the root level domain.
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    Have an example site? I could take a screenshot and post it for you.
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    I found a couple of actual sites that use this theme. Weaver's such a versatile theme with many subthemes, and there's supposedly many "options" for how the site appears on mobile devices. Haven't seen any of these options or experimented. Here's a couple of examples of sites that use this theme.

    Here's one: Weaver II Theme Demo | Weaver II In Action

    Here's Another that has more widgets and is more in line with what I plan: My New WordPress Theme Weaver II
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    I use Weaver II on a couple of my sites. It's quite adjustable. All those options can be a bit confusing, though...I remember searching for a variable for over an hour one time.

    Overall I think it's one of those things that if you invest the time to figure it out, it'll pay itself back for you in quick setups and changes down the road.

    The homepage for my SOF site is in Weaver II (I have a redirect to a subdomain just for the splash page.) The page fits nicely on my iphone screen. It comes with a blue button in the top right that says "Full". When you click, it expands everything out to full size, and the button changes to "Mobile" in the top left--which you can click and be taken back to mobile-size.
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      Thanks. What happens when it goes to mobile size in a mobile? Is everything on the sidebar useless?
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        I've purchased dozens. maybe hundreds of themes for WP and I always come back to Weaver II.
        Extremely versatile, stick with it and take the time to master the set up, it's well worth it.

        Use the mobile set-up to fine tune how your site looks on smaller screens, or use a separate plug-in to build your mobile site.
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