How did you get started writing other people's articles?

by Ben Roy 13 replies
I've decided I'm going to start writing a few articles for other people to help pay for some of the tools of the trade until my own IM income can cover it. Those of you that regularly write articles for a fee, how did you start off? Is running a WSO the best way? I've never run a WSO before so not sure about that. Did you use a site like elance or something else entirely? Looking forward to your input.
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    I started on Guru and Elance. I earned a full-time income just from Guru and Elance projects. But times were different then. There weren't many writers willing to work for peanuts, and the clients valued quality over price (at least that was my experience). It's been more than 2-years since I looked for work on Elance or Guru, so I don't know about the current state of affairs.
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      I took a few projects on bidding sites - but most of the jobs were very low paying as I was competing with others who could do the work for less. But, I used that as a chance to kind of build up some feedback and testimonials.

      I also just made it known on this forum that I was able to write articles for people for less than what they would normally pay - in fact, I did a few for free to let people see what I could do.

      I built a website using wordpress and used it to have in my signature and to have as a base.

      I have had some of the same people who I wrote for right from the start who I am still writing for. I have raised my prices to allow me to work without getting burnt out, but I did start out charging much less.

      You will find people who want articles and other material written for you if you let them know you are going to be charging a great price - a WSO can be a really good way to get work that way.

      Good luck!

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    I'll tell you what I did.

    I contacted 3 members of this forum.

    I told them that I'm a writer and I want to be able to get some writing work from this forum.

    I told them that I would write them three 400 word articles on the topic of their choice in exchange for a testimonial from them. I also told them that if they didn't like the work, that I'd rewrite it for them until they felt satisfied with it to give a testimonial.

    I received the topics from them, wrote the articles for them, sent the articles to them, got their testimonials and never had to rewrite any of them.

    I then created a WSO using their testimonials, ran my WSO, and got more work than I knew what to do with.

    Hope that helps!

    Ok, sure. You can follow me on Twitter - ;)

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      I simply included the sig file you see here
      1 order so far with hopefully more to come.
      I am in no hurry
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        Originally Posted by kenj View Post

        I simply included the sig file you see here
        1 order so far with hopefully more to come.
        I am in no hurry
        I don't see any sig...might prevent you from getting the future orders you are hoping for.

        Thanks to everyone that posted and gave your thoughts. For some reason I'd forgotten the power of the signature. I think I'll get a landing page set up somewhere and start there.
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    From The Prospective Customer View

    I hire about 20 writers a month for various little things. When I'm looking for a writer there are a few things on my mind. Price. Quality. Turnaround. Style. Here are some standard pricing I see, and what I use it for...

    Those that Low Ball Price -- $1 per 100 words. (about $5 per article)

    I'm looking to use these writers for content that is just filling up webspace, be it used on blogging networks, mainly because the quality will be short. Sure the first article or two will be nice in the package of 5 or 10 that I order, but in the end it's not content that is going to keep the reader interested and make my site more successful.

    Those that give a mid range price -- $2 per 100 words (about $10 per article)

    These articles I will use in newsletter mailings, because they will be informative, usually have a nice style to them, and research has been done. The key here is turnaround time, a last minute decision usually and I want the articles within a day or two.

    Those that give a high level price - $25 per article

    I use these articles when I don't have time to write one myself. Here I am planning distribution for this article, a magazine, press release, entire list. It has to be of the upmost quality, researched, and a compelling style.

    I only use Tina here when I can't write articles myself.


    Don't know if any of the above information helps you in your journey, I would highly reccomend getting at least three testimonials from active warriors. An offer a unique selling proposition that is different from all the competition here.

    Possibile additives can be:

    - Article Submission
    - What I would love to see is someone to package Latent Semantic Content with an article. So I give you a topic, you create the main article as well as LSC surrounding the article.

    All the additives will raise the value of your services.


    Finally, upsell me. After you send me your articles try to work a deal for a monthly retainer. Wouldn't it be nice to have a guarantee of 25 articles a month, $250+ a month.


    Your a writer. But you need to market what you do.
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      Ben, if you don't want to run a full writing business but just pick up some money to fund your efforts, I recommend a WSO. You have your blog as samples and as someone mentioned, doing about 3 free articles for warriors that YOU respect for testimonials - that's all you need as you are pretty well known around here by this time.

      To avoid getting buried, figure out how much money you need and how much writing you want to do - then limit the WSO to however many articles you wish to write. You can always re-open it later or put up a new one when you need funds again.

      Of course, if you do want to go long term, once you've established a pretty customer base with the WSO, you can put up a Warrior for Hire thread instead.

      Good luck,
      Discover how to have fabulous, engaging content with
      Fast & Easy Content Creation
      ***Especially if you don't have enough time, money, or just plain HATE writing***
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        I believe that WSO stands for word search does that relate to writting articles?
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          Originally Posted by Shottster View Post

          I believe that WSO stands for word search does that relate to writting articles?
          WSO on this forum stands for Warrior Special Offer.

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    By all means WSO will be effective.
    As for me I've started to write articles as freelancer. I registered on freelance sites. After a few low paid projects I found the company which became my permanent client and was ready to pay me more for good articles of high quality. Then some of my friends asked me to write articles for their sites. So contacts and networking is also important.
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    Sweet I was wondering how to do that...I really need to make some money and I have written a couple of articles for people on . I am going to sign up at e lance and see if they got anything better than what Im doing...if I can make $1 per 100 words...thats not bad to start is it?
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    I offered to do a few free articles for testimonials, then later posted a Warrior for Hire ad.

    I still freelance write for others, but don't advertise it as much as I used to anymore because I needed time to focus on other projects. I got into PLR rewriting after a client gave me the idea, which is substantially easier as I don't write entirely from scratch, and many people have PLR sitting around that's never been put to good use

    In all that you do, know your True INTENT...

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    I started on Elance and Odesk, but I've now got enough regular clients who want articles to keep me busy and they pay a very good price, plus I write the occasional ebook for them.

    If it slows down, I'd be inclined to go the WSO/Warrior For Hire route, or write some PLR.
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