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I was thinking of creating a kickass video series teaching you how to develop websites and applications using PHP.

We would be making this course suited to the complete newby and take you from no experience whatsoever to having a good knowledge and understanding of the how the language works and showing you what can be done with it.

Please voice your interests and or questions.

I want to get a feel for what the majority people are interested in using PHP for.
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    Oh I would definitely be interested in this. I already know a little bit about HTML but I found out that the real magic is in PHP. I think W3c schools has basic tutorials for this but a video series would be a great supplement especially for those who find it hard to learn just by reading.
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    I would be interested in step-by-step videos showing practical skills that closely related to IM, such as building a forum, membership sites...etc.
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    We would definitely and take you step by step until you would be able to create your own applications after understanding the inner workings of the language. We would also setup the groundwork for you as The Villa mentioned by teaching you xhtml and css to get you started.

    Awesome, thanks for the input.

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