Tracking Clickbank Pitch Plus Upsells with CPV Lab

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I'm using Clickbank Pitch Plus one-click upsells in a 3-step workflow and am trying to figure out how to track this with CPV labs. Here's the flow:

Test 2 different Landing Pages -> Offer 1

If they want Offer 1, they click the add to cart button and fill out their payment details in Clickbank and click to submit.

They are then taken to a landing page for Offer 2. Now all they have to do is click a single button, "Add to my order" or "no thanks", they don't have to enter their payment info again.

If they do add Offer 2 to their order, they are then taken to a landing page for Offer 3. Again, they click "add to order" or "no thanks" and that's it, end of the workflow.

How would I set this up in CPV Lab?

I've tried using a landing page sequence but then CPV Lab provides me links to the next offer to use, which isn't how this sequence works. They either click to "add to order" or "no thanks" to move on and each link has a very specific Clickbank code in them to push them through the right workflow, so I don't believe I could modify the CB code behind the"add to order" or "no thanks" buttons.

At the end of the day I want to see which initial landing page results in conversions at the 3 different levels - is CPV Lab overkill for this? Is something as basic as Google Analytics Goals the best tool for this type of tracking?

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  • Your asking people where 90% think up-sells and down-sells are a crime
    soon people... Relax...
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