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Hey Guys & Gals

I was wondering what the rules are on domain trademark.

Can I start a blog about 2 companys pros and cons with those companies in the domain?

For example If I wanted to start a blog named targetvswalmart.com

and explain why one was better or worse then refer them to online ads pertaining the companies..
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    Any time you use a trademark in a domain name you are putting yourself at risk of losing the name, or worse, getting sued for infringement.

    Lots of folks here will say "go ahead" lots of people do it without negative results.

    I say, never do what you're thinking and asking here.

    Get a lawyer to guide you if you insist on moving forward.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    As Steve B says, intellectual property law is a minefield - it really isn't worth the hassle, just for the sake of a domain name.

    Besides, for your purposes, I shouldn't think that having the names in the domain will really make much difference. Your content will (I assume) be full of references to both companies - those references will be found by the search engines, regardless of what domain name you choose.
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    A very likely scenario...

    You acquire the above domain, then put your heart into developing it. You start making some money, getting noticed, birds are singing, members of the opposite sex are noticing you, life is good.

    Then, one of those above mentioned companies comes in and demands your domain, and therefore your business.

    Do you have a chance of successfully defending yourself? Even if you could afford it (you can't), your chance of success would make any cost prohibitive.

    In light of that, do you have a case for keeping it?

    In case the answer is not obvious, allow me.

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    It is a complete crapshoot when using TMed names. Technically, any of those entities could go after you if they wanted to. Will they? Who knows, some are far more litigious than others (for instance, the Harry Potter mark is heavily policed). Is it worth it to you? What is your potential payoff? These are just things to consider. You could always use a more generic name but still write pros/cons articles.
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