How to invest 2k into online business

by Bp06km
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won some money recently and looking to invest a small chunk.
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    Invest $30 in the war room, and save the rest for when you learned something, and need to outsource stuff.
    " I knew that if I failed, I wouldn't regret that.
    But I knew the one thing I might regret is not ever having tried. "

    ~ Jeff Bezos

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      IM is not the stock market, you can't invest Y and get X back. Spend some money on IM tools or coaching.
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    With a general open ended statement like that, you're likely to get a lot of pms telling you exactly how to invest your money. Heck, I won't even pm you. Just send it to me. lol.

    IM is not an investment opportunity as someone else mentioned. You have to learn stuff and do stuff to make money online. You have to build a business, which involves deciding what kind of business you want to build and learning and doing all that is necessary to get that done.
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    Yeah, never go around asking people for ideas for what to spend money on. The best opportunities are fleeting. Save the money, and spend a little bit of it on training yourself to learn to recognize such opportunities. Be prepared and focused. Keep the money until you see something that makes you go "Yes, this is what I should get behind."

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    Invest your money into a website that promises great success and scams you, you`ll learn a lot about the IM world like that.. we all went through it..
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    Invest in coaching and when you have your sales funnel ready, then invest in getting traffic
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    My first $500 invested in IM was in a coaching program.. didn`t work out for me.. but the things I`ve learned then... priceless...
    I Use SiteGround For Hosting
    And SpinRewriter For Unlimited, Unique Content.
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    Invest in coaching first. It's very helpful. Some people try to learn on their own but that is actually more time consuming and inefficient.

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    Keep your money... try things. Learn the basics. Then start making offers. You can use the money to send traffic to your offers. Watch how the traffic responds to those offers and then try some more.
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      It depend on your interest and to some extend your skills.You need to look for a mentor/coach,someone who will walk you through the journey of your new ideas.This way you will be able to decide right on which viable ventures to invest in.
      Good Luck!
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    Your time is more valuable than your money. You cant throw money out and expect good returns unless you devote the time to make it happen. Don't buy a ton of info products. There are plenty of good post on warrior forum for you to learn some basics.

    If you know how to create a quick info product then invest in an inexpensive program to create a Ebook cover or use a warrior member who creates cool covers. Put up sales page on a site, and drive some free traffic to the site through post, social sites, articles, etc... Shouldn't be out to much money. $10 for a domain, $45 for graphics (if done for you), $6 per month for hosting, and you're up and running.

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    There sre many things you can do with your 2k.
    First u can built a simple web, I would suggest using a free web like WordPress or else. then get any product you want from whole sellers. Get quote with them for the best and cheapest price. Put the products in your web.
    Then only your 2k will start... You get free ads website as many as u can to promote your products to the whole world. Invest some money to buy some backlinks to improve your ranking in search engine...

    After 3 month u did that, in the 4th month, u will be busy getting orders from your cutomers...



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    For the super low price of just $1999.00 I will tell you the secret that some gurus charge $2001.00 for.

    Don't think about it, don't wait!

    Give me your money today!!!!
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    Many have mentioned coaching. Can you recommend any coaches/programs?
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    Hire someone to create a killing wp plugin and then hire a good copywriter to write a killing sales letter to sell it! Or develop a Micro Niche adsense site and then flip it. Or Hire someone to create an awesome wp theme and then sell it! Or Rank a product review youtube video with your aff link below it. Or hire someone to write a script and then sell it!

    That's all I would suggest. Buy advertising require an experience or a luck to achieve a good ROI.
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    Give it to me... You won't regret because I can make a simple business that you can handle easly but really worth to your money...

    Laman Kreatif
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      Originally Posted by azhanidris View Post

      Give it to me... You won't regret because I can make a simple business that you can handle easly but really worth to your money...

      Laman Kreatif
      This guys trying to make a buck and all you guys are killing his sale by suggesting that the OP not spend any money!:rolleyes:
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    Read free ebooks, build a WP Blog and use that money to outsource

    Blogger at (Make Money online blog but also promoting ethical internet marketing)

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    Invest into yourself - learn and develop a mindset.
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    Don't spend your money if you don't have enough knowledge, and don't think that one mentor will teach you everything you need to learn. Read many posts in this forum, become a War Room member, study a lot and make a marketing plan.

    If you will start spending and ‘trying’ to do this or that, you won't go anywhere. You must have a clear plan in mind if you want to make money online in a regular basis.

    Use free platforms for learning and testing. Avoid spending money the more you can; otherwise you will find this simple solution very comfortable… and you won't really learn anything, until you will spend every penny you have.

    Spending money without being sure that this is a good investment is not a good idea.

    I also suggest buying a website that already is making money, but be very careful. You will have to drive traffic to this website if you want to keep making money with it.

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    for me it would be to learn PPC and go that way.

    I know people say they kill it with FREE traffic, I doubt that very much. The guys I hang around, do not use free traffic at all, myself included, we realised long time ago that to make good money online, longer term is to use paid traffic. So I would go this route. If you did your research and testing properly you could turn that $2000 into $4000 for sure. But it would not come without some hard work and testing of course. :-)
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    Spend it on building your list and sell ad solo clicks? Could work.


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      When I first started out, I had about the same amount of money to play with. It way play money because I didn't really need it, I still had a normal job and regular income.

      What I did was:
      1) Searched the internet for ways to make money online

      2) Discoverd Warrior Forum

      3) Wasted about $400 on various info products that never made me a dime.

      4) Getting frustrated, kept on looking, found a WSO that seemed to make money for everyone. Invested about $200. It worked, money was being made through adsense. Invested another $800, it kept working... for about three more weeks. Then Google banned my account (everybody using this service was banned), didn't see anything of the money that was made. Filed a complaint with Paypal, after several phone calls I was able to get the money I paid for this service back - lost about $100 for domains and stuff I bought to use with this service.

      5) Finally noticed that something had to change, started looking for coaching.

      6) Invested $400 into group coaching - received a few emails, had a few Sykpe calls, but it was only basic stuff... still didn't really learn anything serious to make money online.

      7) Invested 1k for a month of 1on1 coaching, it was okay. I was trained on how to create info products and stuff.

      With that being said, be careful with your money. Don't jump at every shiny offer, don't let methods like scarcity scare you into buying (happened to me sooo often that I'm still ashamed of myself). Depending on your skills it might be good for you to get a coach to get started. For me though the things I learned and figured out myself have been far more valuable than anything I learned from coaches and info products. Yes, figuring it out on your own takes more time - a lot more - but it's worth it, at least for me it was.
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    find a legit coach.
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