How do I get positive reviews for my products?

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How do I get positive reviews for my product when I have just created it?

On every website with ebooks or other products to sell, I see a bunch of positive reviews about that product. I thought to myself where they got all their positive reviews from in the beginning when they just created the programm?

How knows?

Thanks for your help in advance.

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    I have not created a product so I don't really know but I would guess maybe you could contact some of the first people who bought it and ask them to review it or on your thanks page remind them to give a review.
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    If you have a great product, you'll get positive reviews.

    It can be hard to gain traction and get people to leave that first review. If you have contact with your customers, through email or otherwise, you can simply ask them to leave feedback for you. If you don't have customers yet, you might consider offering your product for free to a select group of people and asking for their feedback. It's a good idea to know what people think about your product before releasing it to the public anyway.
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    you can go to the warrior looking to hire and post a message for a review of your product and youll give them for free. Fiverr also has reviewers but youll have to pay and its not necessarily genuine
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    Yes as Tolaskool has mentioned the best way to get some great reviews for your product is to give it away in return for a review.

    I have used this method many times and there is nothing like a good review to encourage you to buy something.

    If you think about it, you have probably been influenced by good reviews yourself.

    I know I have bought many things from this forum and other websites once I have read a number of reviews from other customers that have said that the product I want to buy is "great".

    A sort of herd mentality kicks in: you see lots of people saying "this is a brilliant product, it will save you hours of time and help you make $100s of dollars"

    then you are much more likely to purchase it.

    So please give some of your ebooks away in return for a review and then you can start the stampeed to selling your product!

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