Rapid Action Profits for WordPress 3.6 - Does it work?

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Does anyone know if RAP is updated to work with WordPress 3.6?
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    Looking at the RAP site - it doesn't say anything about needing WordPress.
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      Thanks Nate. It works with WordPress just trying to find out if it work with the upgrade to 3.6?
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    What do you mean "it works with Wordpress"? It isn't a plugin or theme for it...
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    RAP doesn't work directly with Wordpress out of the box, you'll need RAP Press add-on to tie it all together - but it all works fine with 3.6.

    Think of RAP as your shopping cart and RAP Press as the "middleware" between your cart and your Wordpress site.

    You install the RAP Press plugin in WP that talks to your RAP install and validates if a user should have access or not.

    When a new sales record is created in RAP, RAP Press injects a new WP user into your site. If that user refunds later, even though they've got a WP account, it won't validate against the sales records in RAP, denying access to the content.
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      Thanks Brian. I appreciate your explanation.
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